205 New Clues

    The chauffeur finally took Lin Yan back to her apartment building. She was glad to make it back alive.

    She had survived and tried her best to pull through yet another day.

    Upon getting home, Lin Yan realized she had a missed call.

    Her face darkened when she saw the number. She hurriedly dialed the number.

    "Hello! Do you have any news?"

    A man's familiar voice answered, "Yes, I managed to find new clues."

    Lin Yan gripped her phone tightly. "What kind of clues?"

    The man fell silent for some time and didn't answer. It was as though he was deliberating how to break the news.

    Lin Yan's heart sank when she heard the silence. "Is it bad news?"

    The man sighed heavily before answering, "I've turned my focus on an organization that's very likely the one who abducted you and your brother years ago. After some difficulties, I managed to get hold of some information. That laboratory has held many other captives like you and your brother. I also discovered that they sorted their captives according to ranks."

    "Ranks?" Lin Yan frowned.

    She had been too young at the time so she couldn't remember clearly. She vaguely remembered seeing tags on the other children. These tags would be changed after a period of time.

    They had been categorized into ranks?

    "Yes, all of you had different ranks ranging from A to E based on the subject's quality. Your intelligence and health were good, so you must have belonged to rank A after their experiments and tests... I certainly won't rule out the fact that they became more ambitious and arranged more horrible tests for those that ranked A," answered the man.

    Lin Yan was horrified when she heard that. "What about my brother? My brother's health..."

    The man replied, "Based on how you described the situation, your brother must have ranked the lowest. If you hadn't been around to protect him, he wouldn't have survived the ordeal. You also told me that you were forcefully separated from your brother and they took him away... Is that correct?"

    "That's right." Lin Yan was stiff. She suddenly had a premonition. It felt as though she had recalled something.

    The man paused before saying solemnly, "Based on what I understand, those who ranked C and below were destroyed..."

    His statement was like a bolt of lightning that struck Lin Yan. "What did you say? Destroyed..."

    "Yes. There is a possibility that after your brother was taken away from you, they..."

    "No way!" Lin Yan interrupted him agitatedly.

    The man, who had known that she wouldn't be able to bear the news, comforted her gently. "Don't lose hope. My information may not be entirely accurate. They might have taken your brother for another reason. Or perhaps your brother escaped..."

    Lin Yan's legs had gone wobbly, so she stumbled and collapsed against the wall. She muttered in despair, "You're right... Anything is possible..."

    Her brother might have a blessed life...

    He had been so kind that he had never even stepped on an ant. God wouldn't be so cruel as to take him away...

    "I will continue investigating and updating you, but I advise you to be prepared for the worst-case scenario..."
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