206 You Have to Give Us An Answer

    At the same time, in JM Corporation's building...

    It was late at night, but the conference room was still brightly lit. The entire board of directors was inside, waiting for Pei Yucheng to give them an answer.

    "That cocky fellow! He really thinks that he is the head of the Pei family! How could he abolish all the rules that were set decades ago!"

    "When we fought alongside Chairman Pei to build this empire, he was still in diapers! How dare he dictate and boss us around!"

    "Regardless of what happens, he has to give us an answer today!"

    "That's right! Does he really think that he can call the shots in the Pei family?"


    In the conference room, a commotion was caused by the majority of the shareholders and directors. Only a handful of them were silent as they sat in their seats.

    Amid the noise, the door swung open.

    Pei Yucheng, who had changed into a pale gray suit, strolled in and sat down on his seat in the middle of the room. "My apologies for making everyone wait."

    Cheng Mo sat down promptly on Pei Yucheng's left.

    The moment the directors laid their eyes on Pei Yucheng, they exploded in fury.

    "President Pei, it took all of us to succeed in inviting you here, yet you are late!" An old plump man in his sixties spoke up, his words dripping with disdain.

    An old man with a head of white hair sitting on Pei Yucheng's right spoke up calmly. "Pei Yucheng, surely you're aware of why all of us have invited you here today.

    Let's put any other matters aside. We all worked with your father to build this empire. Even though we haven't made any achievements, our effort shouldn't go unnoticed.

    In order to expand the company, you cut down on the capital of the current projects. We know that you have the company's best interests at heart, so we didn't object.

    On the surface, it may seem as though you are promoting us, but this is actually a demotion! How could you stop our projects? Do you think you can answer that question for us?"

    The director's words were approved by everyone else.

    "Old Feng is right! Pei Yucheng, you may be the president of JM corporation, but you have no right to decide this on your own!"


    Pei Yucheng propped his hand against the side of his forehead as he tapped the desk rhythmically with his fingers. He was serene and calm as he seemed to listen patiently to all their grievances and protests.

    One of the directors who had remained quiet from the beginning rose quickly. "Director Qian, Old Feng, calm down first. We all know that President Pei has excellent judgment and foresight. All the investments he made in the last two years have been profitable.

    As for the position adjustments, this is just a normal re-allocation of human resources for the sake of the company's progress. If you are all truly concerned about the company, you shouldn't consider only your own interests."

    The director who had just spoken was in his forties. He was wearing a dark blue suit, and his hair had been neatly gelled up. He looked stern and strict as he surveyed the rest of them in disapproval.

    The plump director, who had a huge protruding tummy, yelled, "Ren Hongzhi! Stop making sarcastic remarks! You're only saying this because this doesn't affect you! You only joined the company much later and that young fellow backs you up. How dare you flaunt your status in front of me! Did you ask around about my influence and status in the Pei family?"
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