207 That Man Has Returned

    Ren Hongzhi's cheeks flushed. "You! Director Qian, are you forcing me to reveal the ugly truth? All of you here have used your position and power to suck money from the company. You are well aware that if this continues, the company will crumble, no matter how huge it is!"

    When Ren Hongzhi blurted this out, Director Qian, Old Feng, and the others were so outraged that they slammed the tables furiously.

    "Ren Hongzhi! Do you have any evidence? How can you overlook the fact that we have slogged our lives away for the company for decades?"

    "You're too much! President Pei, you have to account for this!"

    "That's right! Otherwise, we will take this matter to the chairman! Chairman Pei has already warned you repeatedly that you can't touch any of us. I want to know what will happen to your position as president if Chairman Pei is alerted to the things that you've done!"

    All the directors and senior management knew that they had the experience and support of the old chairman. Hence, they were absolutely unbridled when it came to making threats.

    Besides, Pei Yucheng had recently been rumored to be critically ill. Hence, they became even more restless.

    Pei Yucheng did have people that he trusted, but they were mostly new. A handful of them might voice their opinions, but they wouldn't oppose the old directors. Only Ren Hongzhi dared to argue with them.

    Pei Yucheng's most trusted confidante, Cheng Mo, had remained quiet all this while. He gazed at all of them with pity and sympathy in his eyes...

    Pei Yucheng had taken over the reins two years ago.

    It was around that time that he had changed drastically. He had become more good-tempered and gentler, and everyone considered him polite and refined. No one could imagine what he had been like two years ago...

    If they had known, they wouldn't have made such a ruckus today.

    Pei Yucheng stopped tapping his fingers as he raised his head. Then, he surveyed each of them before replying, "It looks like everyone is unhappy with me, but there is no need to alert my father."

    Director Qian smirked coldly as his plump cheeks jerked. "Hmph... Cocky fellow, are you afraid now? Let me tell you something... It's too late. We've already informed Chairman Pei and we will make a trip to Country M personally. We will tell him everything that you've done!"

    Pei Yucheng remained unruffled, and his expression was almost gentle. "Directors, don't be so anxious. I do have a suggestion that should satisfy everyone."

    All the directors flashed triumphant grins when they heard Pei Yucheng.

    This fellow was going to surrender!

    "You should have said this earlier!"

    "Hold on, don't sugarcoat your words. Tell us what it is!"

    "If it doesn't please all of us, we won't agree to it!"



    Pei Yucheng smiled. There was a bone-chilling, insane, wild rage in his eyes.


    When Cheng Mo glanced at Pei Yucheng, his expression faltered.

    He had returned. The man who had brought despair to the world had returned.

    Those directors could never have imagined how insane and fearless Pei Yucheng had been in the past. The word 'terrifying' wouldn't be enough to describe him.
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