208 How Could He Dare to?

    As Cheng Mo surveyed those men, the only word that came to his mind was 'foolish'.

    They had no idea how insane and dark this man was. He had put on a perfect facade for the past few years, but it couldn't go on forever.

    This man possessed extraordinary abilities that normal men couldn't dream of. On the other hand, the sinister and insane darkness hidden within his heart could bring fatal destruction upon this world once unleashed.

    Cheng Mo watched the man beside him cautiously with a hint of glinting respect in his eyes.


    Pei Yucheng spoke gently.

    As he did, someone pushed the door open and three young people marched in.

    The first one was a man with a smile like a spring breeze. He was wearing a tailor-made suit with a white tulip in his front pocket that made him look regal and elegant.

    An aloof-looking woman in a tight black suit walked behind him. Her features were devoid of any emotion, and she looked unapproachable.

    The last member of the trio was a young man with innocent, clear features. He had a head of wavy white hair and he was eating a lollipop.

    "These people..."

    Cheng Mo could no longer stay calm when he saw them...

    Although he might be Pei Yucheng's most trusted confidante, he wasn't the most capable or intelligent person.

    The reason he had been able to stay beside Pei Yucheng was because he was the most mild-tempered person for the job.

    However, the three of them...

    In no time, the three of them approached Pei Yucheng and stood next to him. The man in the suit bent his back and bowed respectfully before Pei Yucheng, maintaining a bright and elegant smile all this while.

    The directors got impatient when they saw the three of them.

    Director Qian looked annoyed. "Who are they? What kind of place do they think this is? How can they enter freely?"

    Old Feng snapped irritably as well, "President Pei, stop beating around the bush. Just tell us what you want to do that can please all of us!"

    "Ahh..." The young man in the suit grinned and said unhurriedly, "The method that can satisfy everyone... Surely, you know the answer to this simple question?"

    He paused and smiled brightly. "If all those who are unsatisfied disappeared... then those who remained would be satisfied."

    Although the man was smiling, that smile made everyone present shiver.

    They had no idea why when this group of young people had walked in, a tense and strained atmosphere had taken over the conference room.

    Even the man's words made their hair stand for no apparent reason.

    When Director Qian heard his subtle threat, he banged the table with his fist. "Pei Yucheng! What is the meaning of this? Are you threatening me..."

    Before he could finish his sentence, the white tulip flew and pierced his fleshy hand, nailing him to the table.


    Director Qian let out an ear-piercing scream that echoed around the room.

    Almost everyone was shocked as they watched his bleeding hand in utter horror.

    How dare he harm one of the company's directors in the presence of so many people?

    And who was this guy? No one had seen how he had done this. How could he possibly use a flower to pierce a man's hand?
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