209 Boss Is Really Gentle

    Pei Yucheng heard Director Qian's shrieks and glanced coldly at the young man who had just wounded the director. "Did I ask you to act?"

    As Pei Yucheng's words echoed, his eyes became exceedingly cold.

    The young man coughed gently and swallowed his saliva. In a meek tone, he answered, "I slipped..."

    The young man with the wavy hair gleefully gloated as Pei Yucheng expressed his disapproval. "You deserved it! Don't you know that Boss hates violence?"

    The man who was wearing a suit muttered, "Yeah, yeah. Boss hates violence the most. Boss is really gentle. I still can't get used to it..."

    The young man with the wavy hair adjusted his clothes as he took the lollipop out of his mouth. He took a pile of documents from the woman and strolled over to the directors. Then, he began to distribute each of them politely.

    As he distributed them, he said, "Apologies for the disrespect earlier. Please forgive us. These documents have been prepared exclusively for you. I'm sure all of you will be satisfied."

    Shortly, all of them held a document in their hands.

    At first, they were standing there with a blank look on their faces as they waited to hear what Pei Yucheng would be proposing.

    However, their faces turned pale the moment they read the documents.

    Director Qian ignored the pain in his hand as he hurriedly clenched the document tight. The rest of them followed suit, looking clammy and pale.

    The contents of the document would cause them to be utterly disgraced. Their reputation would be ruined, and they would die tragic deaths...

    All these matters were top secrets! How had Pei Yucheng... How had he managed to unearth all these things?

    The three people who had just appeared didn't seem ordinary either...

    Everyone looked at Pei Yucheng as though this was the first time they were meeting him... Apprehension and fear flitted across their eyes...

    Director Qian's face was as red as blood as he flew into a rage out of humiliation and bellowed, "Pei Yucheng... You! What is the meaning of this? How dare you try underhanded tricks! You immature and inexperienced fellow! Who are you to try and fool me? I will call Chairman Pei right now and tell him the atrocious things that you have done! Do you think all the things you have on me will shut me up? Do you think..."

    Pei Yucheng didn't send someone to silence him. Instead, he slumped slowly back against his seat and lit a cigarette.

    A second later, the man raised his head amid the thin layer of smoke. The pair of eyes behind the lens and smoke darted to Director Qian's face and his gaze landed on him...

    Director Qian clammed up, as though someone had just slit his throat. His words were stuck in his throat, so he could only whimper.

    The man still looked really elegant and refined, but his gaze could literally free a person's soul.

    The huge conference room was as quiet as a cemetery.

    Even Cheng Mo and the others held their breath and avoided the man's gaze.

    They wouldn't be able to withstand this crushing pressure either... How could ordinary people...

    Director Qian perspired furiously as his fleshy body was shaking all over. Incredibly, he had even wet his pants...

    All their hearts nearly stopped as well...
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