211 More Terrifying When He Is Quie

    "Can you guess which of Big Sister-In-Law's boyfriends will get under Boss' skin? Will it be popular singer Wei Xufeng? Or maybe Shen Chaomu or Tang Jiaye..."

    The young man who was holding a lollipop stole a glance at him. "Big Sister-In-Law's rumored boyfriends are all over the entertainment industry. How would I know which one it could be? Luckily, Boss has turned a blind eye to these matters in the past two years. Otherwise, the whole world would be destroyed.

    If Boss continues to stay away from her completely, that would have been great. However, they got back together, so some matters won't stay concealed for long. How will he be able to tolerate them? Thank god he only smashed a table and a cup this time around..."

    The man stroked his chin and added airily, "That brings me back to the original question. I thought Boss has already decided to set her free. Why did he change his mind?"

    The other man shrugged. "Who knows... Perhaps he couldn't forget her after all? At the time, I found it incredible that Boss would let her go..."

    The woman was impassive as a trace of loathing flashed past her eyes. "That woman must have done something. That's why Brother Yu got entangled with her once more."

    The young man with the lollipop blinked and opined, "Sister Lan, you can't put it that way. She has forgotten everything. She doesn't even have a clue about Boss' identity. Given her current status and identity, how could she get near Boss? What could she have done?"

    The man in the suit chuckled aloud. "Boss must have taken the initiative. She has no recollection of the past at all. Given Boss' intelligence, wouldn't it be effortless to deceive her?"

    The young man with the lollipop shot him a disapproving look. "What are you talking about? Given Boss' looks, would he need to deceive her?"

    The woman shot a long condescending look at the pair of them. "Are both of you speaking up for that woman? Xing Chen, did you forget how you got your hand crippled? And Qin Huan, who was the one who lay in bed for three months?"

    Xing Chen moved his left wrist, which produced clinking metal sounds. Fear was written all over his face as he sighed heavily. "Boss can't be blamed for this. I was the one who wasn't observant and careful enough. I knew that Boss couldn't control himself and he was highly paranoid. Anyone who spoke to that woman for more than five seconds or stood within three steps of her would basically be committing suicide..."

    The other young man grumbled under his breath. "I was the unlucky one! When she fainted suddenly, how could I possibly stand by and do nothing? I would have gotten a beating regardless of whether I helped her or not. It was too hard for me..."

    The man suddenly thought of something as he fiddled with the tulip in his fingers. "Thinking back, I really admire Lin Yan's ex-boyfriend. What was his name? Oh, Han Yixuan...

    He certainly has a blessed life! Boss had just given Big Sister-In-Law her freedom, yet she got together with Han Yixuan in no time. Boss might not have been aware, but he will surely be aware by now! She has made a cuckold of him, yet the man is still alive!

    Boss' temper has been really well for the past two years. He appears to be the perfect refined and well-mannered gentleman. Sometimes, I really wonder whether he is back to normal!"

    The young man licked his lollipop as he studied Pei Yucheng, who was standing at the end of the corridor. He shuddered involuntarily and remarked, "Frankly speaking, I think that Boss is more terrifying when he is quiet..."
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