213 Do I Have to Listen When You Want to Talk?

    The next day, on the filming set...

    Lin Yan wasn't feeling too well, so she didn't even play any games. After she had her makeup done, she sat there in a daze.

    Duoduo sat beside her and stole furtive glances at her. Then, she cleared her throat by coughing gently. "Don't mind those negative remarks online. It's always better when people talk about you in the entertainment industry than when they ignore you. Besides, your acting is quite good. As long as you stay away from horrible shows and listen to Sister Ling, everything will get better..."

    Lin Yan fluttered her eyelashes and raised her head. Feeling overwhelmed by Duoduo's encouragement, she exclaimed, "Darling Duoduo, are you comforting me?"

    Duoduo's expression froze. "Who is comforting you? I was just afraid that you might be too affected to film properly and then you would affect Sister Ling's reputation! I heard that Han Yixuan will be filming today. If you aren't in the right condition, then how are you supposed to act today?"

    Lin Yan grinned affectionately at the little lass, who was trying to cover up her lie. "Don't worry, I won't have anything to do with him. The scenes today are quite simple."

    Wei Xufeng had applied for leave, so her scenes were being pushed forward.

    She wondered if the blow he had received was too severe. That kid kept updating his Weibo with sorrowful posts...

    Every time he did, she would be lambasted...

    Lin Yan pulled herself together and managed to finish all her scenes that day.

    After she removed her makeup and changed clothes, she picked up her cloth bag and left the set.

    "Sister Yan, are you going back home?"

    "You go first. I'm meeting my friend, so I'll take the train."

    "Sister Yan, Sister Ling should get a car for you once you get more shows. It's too inconvenient to commute by train or bus every day. I wonder when will you receive an offer for the next one... It might take years..."

    Lin Yan and Duoduo, who were chatting as they walked out, bumped into someone while they turned a corner.

    Last time, they had bumped into Pei Nanxu. This time, it was Han Yixuan...

    Duoduo's eyes widened in shock when she saw Han Yixuan and his assistant. Instinctively, she grabbed Lin Yan's clothes.

    The four of them remained rooted to the spot.

    Han Yixuan raised his head and frowned when he saw Lin Yan.

    Nobody spoke for some time.

    Lin Yan's gaze lingered on Han Yixuan's face for less than a second. Then, she swept past him with determination and marched ahead...

    Duoduo heaved a sigh of relief and scuttled after her.

    After several steps, a man's voice interrupted them. "Lin Yan, let's talk."

    Duoduo could feel her scalp going numb when she heard Han Yixuan.

    What was going on?

    Why would the other party initiate a conversation with Lin Yan?

    Pei Nanxu... Wei Xufeng... Now, Han Yixuan...

    Nothing was happening the way the rumors had described.

    Duoduo swallowed her saliva and glanced cautiously at Lin Yan.

    The latter ignored Han Yixuan and continued walking away as though she hadn't heard anything.

    Han Yixuan rushed forward and stopped Lin Yan. "Lin Yan!" He raised his voice.

    Lin Yan glanced at her phone, looking displeased. "Sorry, Mr. Han. I'm in a rush."

    Han Yixuan trudged on. "It will be just a short talk."

    His cologne made Lin Yan's mood worse. "Do I have to listen if you want to talk?"
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