214 Miss Me?

    Han Yixuan looked as though he wasn't too used to Lin Yan's attitude. His face hardened before he spoke stiffly.

    "Lin Yan, if Shuya hadn't pleaded for you, do you think you would still be in this movie? This is my last warning to you. Shuya is different from you. She is very pure and kind and she doesn't know anything. I won't allow anyone to hurt her.

    If I find out that you are using underhanded methods to hurt Shuya again, I will make sure that you won't be able to appear before her ever again. That's what I wanted to say. Behave yourself."

    After Han Yixuan made this overbearing threat, he turned around and marched off.

    Duoduo hadn't even dared breathe loudly all this while. However, when Han Yixuan left, she clutched her chest and gasped. "He scared me to death..."

    She glanced at Lin Yan and chided her helplessly, "Sister Yan, even if you want to be famous, dating scandals are sufficient. How could you provoke Han Yixuan? Don't you know that the Han family wields great power and influence in the capital city? Han Yixuan wasn't joking earlier. He could make you vanish with just a command..."

    Lin Yan blinked several times... "Oh."

    Duoduo was annoyed by how nonchalant she was. "Oh? Don't you have anything to say?"

    "What am I supposed to say?"

    Lin Yan glanced at her and said dully, "Should I praise my awesome ex-boyfriend? So what? My current boyfriend is way more awesome and capable."

    Duoduo was exasperated by her. "Would it kill you to stop bragging for a day? You did it twice! Plus, how is Han Yixuan your ex-boyfriend? Now you're claiming you have an even more capable boyfriend? Who would believe you?"

    Lin Yan pursed her lips. Why wouldn't anyone believe the truth these days?


    She was late because of Han Yixuan. Thus, she had no choice but to grudgingly part with her money and take a taxi.

    She was a few minutes late, so Pei Yucheng had already arrived.

    Pei Yucheng had suggested the venue. There was a quiet and beautiful garden in the VIP section of the restaurant that seemed to cut people off from the rest of the world.

    White roses sprinkled with evening dew were displayed around the garden. It was nightfall, so tiny stars sparkled in the sky. Pei Yucheng was sitting on a rattan chair with a white porcelain cup in his hand.

    Lin Yan had initially been against the date tonight, as it had disrupted her breakup plans. However, at that moment, she watched the man sitting there in a retro suit, looking as though he had just walked out of a twentieth-century European painting. Her whole mind was filled with thoughts of how calm and beautiful he was and how alluring the night was...

    Lin Yan snapped back to her senses after some time and apologized hurriedly. "Sorry, Mr. Pei! I was delayed! Sorry to make you wait."

    Pei Yucheng spun his head around and replied, "It's fine. I just arrived as well."

    He poured some tea for her with graceful movements.

    Lin Yan extended her hands to accept the cup. "Thank you..."

    She sat down awkwardly, feeling at a loss. She had no idea what she should say, so she simply kept sipping her tea.

    Pei Yucheng seemed to be in a good mood today. His face, which could cause the downfall of a city, seemed even more attractive. "Miss Lin, why did you ask me out tonight?"

    Lin Yan looked aggrieved, as she had no idea why she had asked him out as well.

    It was Pei Nanxu who had asked her to... She had just done what he had told her...

    Lin Yan deliberated for some time before she said, "Hmmm... There's no reason, actually. Sorry for asking you out at such short notice. Did I disrupt your work? Actually... I just wanted to ask you out to... have a meal and talk..."

    As Pei Yucheng sipped some tea, a wry smile appeared on his face. "Miss me?"
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