216 I Want to Be Honest With You

    At that moment, Pei Yucheng looked like a wife questioning her husband about having a mistress. Lin Yan felt extremely guilty.

    She had explained to Pei Yucheng before that her relationship with Han Yixuan had ended before she had met him...

    A familiar feeling of fear and dread seemed to be etched in her bones...

    What was going on?

    The man in front of her was so gentle that he was the perfect boyfriend. Why would she naturally dread being with him?

    Actually, this was one of the reasons she wanted to break up...

    Getting caught with Han Yixuan today had reminded her how easy it was for someone to stalk them. Continuing her relationship with Pei Yucheng would be too dangerous.

    If someone were to expose their relationship, it would be no joking matter.

    It had been some time, and she felt perfectly fine. Her 'alter ego' didn't appear, so she reckoned she should be alright...

    Lin Yan was so immersed in her own train of thoughts about breaking up with Pei Yucheng that she didn't notice the cracks on his white porcelain cup or that his eyes were filled with menace and rage...

    She studied the man in front of her and suddenly realized that she had been too selfish and fake.

    She had shirked responsibility and pushed the blame entirely on her 'alter ego'. She had lied to Pei Yucheng over and over again...

    He was such a reasonable and gentle man. She could just tell him the truth. There was no need to be so cautious and fearful.

    Lin Yan didn't spin any lies this time. She reminisced and quipped, "Love is irrational. There isn't any reason a person likes another person.

    I can't remember many things that happened in the past. I only remember that Han Yixuan said something to me. He confessed that he liked that I looked so carefree and happy. That's why I got together with him..."

    The man settled back on his seat and replied, "Looks like it was easy for you to forget and fall in love with someone, Miss Lin..."

    It was easy?

    She wasn't someone who would fall for anyone easily!

    Lin Yan inhaled deeply and peered at Pei Yucheng. Then, she mustered the courage to tell him the truth. "Mr. Pei, there is something I need to be honest with you about. Actually, I've explained this to you before, but you didn't really believe me. There is really another consciousness that exists in my body and doesn't act according to my will."

    Lin Yan marshaled her thoughts before she continued. "The first time I woke up in your mansion, that wasn't me. The second time I appeared in your ward, that wasn't me either. The previous time I accidentally fell on you, it wasn't me...

    At the time, my body had been possessed by another consciousness. I had no idea what was happening. I knew that you wouldn't believe my words, so I had no choice but to lie to you..."

    This time, Pei Yucheng reacted differently. He didn't joke or tease her. He merely remained quiet, making Lin Yan feel uneasy.

    "Really? What did you lie about?" Pei Yucheng asked.

    Lin Yan observed his expression. He seemed to be rather level-headed.

    Had she been thinking too much?

    If that was indeed the case, she shouldn't have fretted or worried so much. If she had known, she wouldn't have been subjected to such hardships...
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