218 Where There Is Light, There Will Be Darkness

    "Miss Lin, starting tomorrow, I hope that you will stop filming the movie and retire from the entertainment industry. However, if you like acting, you can sign with Summit Entertainment instead. I will get you a new manager and find a new place for you to stay. Everything regarding your work and schedule, the people you meet, and the things you do will be managed personally by me."

    With every sentence Pei Yucheng said, Lin Yan's eyebrows furrowed even more. She couldn't understand what he meant. She was utterly bewildered. "Mr. Pei, why are you doing this?"

    Why would she retire from the entertainment industry for no reason? And why should she sign with Summit Entertainment, which was one of Pei Yucheng's companies?

    Pei Yucheng tapped the table lightly, his eyes gleaming coldly. "Because it would be good for both of us."

    Lin Yan understood what Pei Yucheng was trying to convey. So he wanted to lock her up like a golden canary in a cage?

    Her face darkened before she quipped, "Mr. Pei, you might have misunderstood. We broke up. Furthermore, even if we didn't, you'd still have no right to control me."

    "So, what is your answer?" Pei Yucheng gazed at the girl with an indifferent expression.

    "I refuse," Lin Yan replied without hesitation.

    Pei Yucheng fell silent for a moment before he adjusted his spectacles. "Miss Lin, you will agree. I will wait for you at Cloud Manor tomorrow morning."

    "Pei Yucheng!"

    Before Lin Yan could finish her sentence, Pei Yucheng turned around and left.

    Lin Yan was furious. She was enraged.

    Why had Pei Yucheng suddenly transformed into someone else?

    Or perhaps...

    This was the real him?

    She should have known that where there was light, there also would be darkness. How could a perfect man exist in this world?

    Pei Yucheng was so perfect that it was unreal.

    However, that was because she had only seen one side of Pei Yucheng...

    Actually, right from the beginning, Pei Yutang had warned her repeatedly, but she hadn't really believed him.

    Until today...

    Lin Yan decided to reject everything he had proposed. However, she still had a nagging premonition...


    In a nightclub in the capital city...

    Qin Huan slumped against the staircase railing as he played with a tulip. Xing Chen lay on the couch with his lollipop, while a glum Ji Lan crossed her arms as she stood by the entrance.

    Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang were present too.

    Pei Nanxu surveyed his surroundings. "Where is Assistant Cheng?"

    "He went to get a new desk for Brother Yu!" Qin Huan glanced at Pei Nanxu with a grin. "I was wondering why Boss suddenly cast away his fury yesterday night. It was because Second Young Master found a savior!"

    Pei Nanxu was deep in thought. "I just sensed that Big Brother treats Miss Lin very differently and I decided to try my luck. I had no idea... So Miss Lin is that person from two years ago? Why did she act as though she has completely forgotten about Big Brother?"

    Qin Huan shrugged and replied, "She has forgotten everything related to Boss, including the three of us."

    "The two of us weren't abroad at the time, so we had no idea. What happened between Miss Lin and Big Brother?" Pei Nanxu probed.

    Qin Huan deliberated before replying, "How should I put it... Lin Yan wasn't just Brother Yu's lover... She was Brother Yu's stabilizer."
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