219 Dangerous State

    "Stabilizer?" Pei Nanxu looked startled. "When Big Brother's body hit the extreme limit and almost went out of control, you mentioned that you found a stabilizer for him. So you weren't referring to a new drug... but rather..."

    Qin Huan nodded in response. "You're right. Lin Yan is Brother Yu's stabilizer."

    "How is it possible..." Pei Nanxu muttered to himself, looking confused. "What is so special about Miss Lin?"

    Qin Huan shrugged once again. "I have no idea. We have checked Lin Yan's body and she is just an ordinary person. We have no idea why every time she is with Brother Yu, Brother Yu will calm down and stay fine. I think it has nothing to do with the body. Anyway, there is no stronger stabilizer than her..."

    Pei Yutang stood there, listening intently to everything before he suddenly blurted aloud, "Then what happened in the end? Big Brother didn't mention Sister Yan at all when he came back!"

    "He forbade all of us, including himself, to breathe a word about her." Qin Huan sighed heavily. "Things were complicated back then. Actually, we weren't allowed to tell anyone about Lin Yan at all, but it seems like we didn't even have to say anything. We didn't expect that Brother Yu would get back together with her once more and even introduce her to you. Hence, it's fine to tell you now..."

    Xing Chen, who was lying on the couch, interjected, "If we used drugs, things would be much simpler. However, Lin Yan is a human, and you know how extreme Brother Yu can be. Nevertheless, Lin Yan's personality is even stronger. She's just like explosives. She hates being controlled and restricted, yet although that would ignite her fury, Brother Yu couldn't live without her. You can imagine what happened gradually..."

    Qin Huan chimed in, "All of you thought that Brother Yu was scary. However, in my opinion, that woman is even more terrifying. She values freedom more than her life. She would rather crash and die in a car accident than give in. She coerced Brother Yu into admitting defeat so he had to let her go. In the past two years, he seemed to transform into another person and change his temper entirely. He didn't even flare up once. It was unbelievable..."

    Pei Yutang was completely shocked when he heard Qin Huan. "No wonder! I couldn't understand why Big Brother became so mild-tempered all of a sudden. And why would he fall for a D-list actress? So he met Sister Yan long ago after all!"

    Pei Nanxu snapped back to his senses after some time. "Is Big Brother planning to get back with Miss Lin once again?"

    Qin Huan replied airily, "How could we guess Brother Yu's intentions? I guess so..."

    Pei Yutang pressed his palms together as he said, "Luckily, Sister Yan forgot everything. Since Big Brother has become so gentle, starting anew might be possible! I wish that Big Brother and Big Sister-In-Law will live together happily forever and grow old together. I wish that they will have plenty of children and always reconcile after a fight..."

    Xing Chen quipped, "Don't be so optimistic. I believe that Boss' state is quite dangerous. He has been staying away from her for the past two years. However, if he were to discover what happened and find out about all her rumored boyfriends, how would he be able to control himself? His fury would push him to the most critical point! He is merely concealing it..."

    Qin Huan glanced at him with a frown. "Can you shut up?"

    As they were engrossed in their discussion, Qin Huan, Xing Chen and Ji Lan suddenly went pale. Qin Huan leaped to his feet, looking as wary as though an enemy was approaching.
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