220 The Day Has Finally Come

    What had happened?

    Even Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang sensed that something was amiss. Instinctively, they turned towards the entrance.

    They caught a glimpse of a dark figure near the entrance that loomed in front of them slowly.

    The man was clad in an impeccable suit, but his tie hung loosely around his neck. The top buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, and his short black hair was a little messy...

    "Boss... Boss..."

    "Brother Yu..."

    "Big Brother..."

    Everyone, including Pei Yutang and Pei Nanxu, sensed that something was wrong with Pei Yucheng.

    They shot furtive glances at each other, looking wary and fearful.

    No one dared to move or get near him.

    In the end, Pei Nanxu treaded carefully towards Pei Yucheng.

    He knew that Pei Yucheng didn't drink, so he went to the bar counter and got him a glass of lemon water. In a careful tone, he said, "Big Brother, why are you here?"

    Pei Yucheng didn't reply. He merely surveyed Pei Nanxu quietly and took the glass from him expressionlessly.

    However, the moment he touched the glass, it cracked and the pieces shattered to the floor.

    It was as though he couldn't control his strength...

    Pei Nanxu was shocked. His fingers had been cut by the glass shards...

    As soon as the glass had shattered, the atmosphere in the room had become oppressively strained and tense.

    Everyone shuddered and retreated to a corner.

    Qin Huan, who had originally been cheerful, looked as though the enemy was upon them. "Sh*t! Boss isn't looking too good. Xiaoxing, I already told you to shut up!"

    Xing Chen was flustered too as he threw away the lollipop. In a hushed whisper, he hissed, "What provoked Brother Yu? Wasn't he in a good mood earlier? His vital signs were pretty stable too... This... His state... He seems to be reaching his limit..."

    Xing Chen had barely finished his last sentence when Pei Yucheng's silver-colored watch began to produce a shrill sound.




    That beeping sound was like a death bell echoing in the silent room.

    "What's that sound? Whose alarm is that?" Pei Yutang, who was startled by his brother, asked in a quivery voice.

    Qin Huan glanced at him, looking exasperated. "What alarm are you talking about? Third Young Master, that is his sensor. It detects his vital signs. Brother Yu is experiencing a spike in all his vital signs, which means that he is going to get out of control!"

    "It has already been two years. He is fine. He even survived a critical period some time ago. Why would he..." Pei Nanxu ignored the pain in his fingers, even though he looked anxious and worried.

    Xing Chen hugged a pillow as he replied desperately, "I already warned you that it's scarier when Brother Yu is quiet. None of you believed me and you asked me not to jinx it! He wasn't really in a stable condition. He was merely forcing himself. It has been two years, but the day has finally come..."

    Qin Huan was fretting with anxiety. "This isn't right! Didn't Brother Yu reconcile with Lin Yan? They've been meeting up often too. Lin Yan is better than any medicine. With her as a stabilizer, how could he get out of control?"

    Xing Chen opined, "I'm afraid... there is something wrong with the stabilizer."
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