221 The Stabilizer Refused to Work

    Pei Yucheng shot a glance in the direction of their whispered conversation.

    Everyone clammed up instantly, not even daring to breathe.

    "Get Cheng Mo to see me."

    Pei Yucheng instructed them and then went upstairs.

    The alarm continued to produce incessant warning sounds before it began to sound even more alarming...

    Qin Huan hurriedly contacted Cheng Mo.

    Ji Lan sounded worried and anxious as she admonished them, "Why are all of you standing here? Get the doctor!"

    Qin Huan replied helplessly, "We have been with Brother Yu for such a long time. Is this the first time you have witnessed such a situation? We have invested so much in research and hired experts, doctors and professors, yet no one came up with a solution. Right now, not even God can help!"

    Ji Lan bit her lip and hissed, "Then get that woman here!"

    Qin Huan trembled in fright. "Without Brother Yu's command, who would dare to?"

    Xing Chen whipped out another lollipop and quipped, "I also think that it's best that we don't get her... My instincts tell me that the stabilizer isn't working..."

    Pei Nanxu, who was seized by a thought, said solemnly, "Yesterday night, I got Lin Yan to call Big Brother. I told her to meet him tonight... I think he went to see her..."

    Xing Chen immediately cut across. "Brother Yu went to meet Lin Yan? Then I shall bet my lollipop that the stabilizer is malfunctioning!"

    "But we can't stand by and do nothing. We should still get all the experts. I will also inform my father..." Pei Nanxu replied.

    Ji Lan looked solemn. "Alright, I called earlier and contacted the relevant people in Country M."


    At Maple River Residences...

    Lin Yan returned to her apartment, feeling as if her head was splitting. It was as if needles were poking at her brain.

    She collapsed on her bed and slept until the next day.

    Someone knocked on her door.

    Wang Jingyang, who stood outside her door, blurted out the moment he saw her, "Why do you look so horrible? Did you get ambushed by your haters?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    A million haters wouldn't have caused the powerful impact that Pei Yucheng could cause.

    "Come in. Why were you looking for me?" Lin Yan rubbed her temples.

    "Do I need a reason to look for you? You have been coming home late every day. I rarely see you anymore..." Wang Jingyang sounded as though he was complaining, so Lin Yan rolled her eyes. "I need to earn money. I have no time to entertain you."

    Wang Jingyang mumbled, "I see... It's too hard for you... Maybe... you should find a boyfriend..."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She had found one indeed.

    She had already broken up with him.

    However, the break-up hadn't been entirely successful.

    "Lin Yan... I mean..." Wang Jingyang's words were stuck in his throat.

    "What do you want to say? You are also single, so why are you advising me?" Lin Yan shot him a disdainful look. Wasn't this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

    She had just broken up with Pei Yucheng the previous night, so she still felt upset. She had so much on her mind that she had no time for Wang Jingyang.

    "I have something to do. Talk to you later." Lin Yan turned around and left.

    "You are single. I am single... Why can't we be together?" Wang Jingyang muttered to himself as he watched Lin Yan walk away.
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