222 A Storm Is Brewing

    Lin Yan's grandfather's elimination race would be happening soon. Therefore, she wanted to spend some time to familiarize herself with the rules.

    A so-called love and boyfriend had once affected her life and emotions. She didn't want to make the same mistake again...

    As for what Pei Yucheng had said yesterday, she had decided not to agree to it.

    Lin Yan took a taxi to her mother's place.

    When she knocked on the door, she only heard movement after waiting for some time.

    The door swung open and He Muyun appeared.

    "Xiaoyan, why are you here?" He Muyun gazed at Lin Yan, looking surprised. She hadn't expected her to pay her a visit today.

    "Mom, what's wrong?" Lin Yan frowned, as she sensed that something was amiss.

    "Nothing... I'm fine..." He Muyun forced a smile and shook her head. However, she looked as though she was trying to hide something.

    "Mom, what's wrong?" Lin Yan knew her mother too well. She had to be in trouble.

    "Did Uncle Xie Zheng... do something?" Lin Yan watched He Muyun with a meaningful gaze.

    He Muyun furrowed her eyebrows instantly at Lin Yan's words. "Xiaoyan, don't spew nonsense!"

    She knew that Lin Yan would press on relentlessly. She just couldn't stop her. Furthermore, the truth would be revealed anyway. "It's just that the house... It will be demolished soon..."

    "Huh? Demolished?"

    Lin Yan looked excited as she blustered, "Mom! That's great! When will the demolishment take place? Should I come over to help?"

    He Muyun was speechless...

    "Xiaoyan, there are some issues with the property... Therefore, after the demolishment, I won't get any compensation," explained He Muyun.

    "Huh?" Lin Yan was taken aback.

    "Other than that... Your Uncle Xie's company ran into some problems. This morning, he came over and I noticed that he was in low spirits, so I asked him about it..."

    "What happened to Uncle Xie's company?" Lin Yan asked anxiously.

    "At first, he managed to borrow some money from his friend to tide things over. However, for no apparent reason, his friend changed his mind..."

    He Muyun sighed heavily. "Your grandfather's car team has been excluded for no reason too. I'm afraid that they won't be able to enter the elimination competition... They will have to dissolve the team..."


    Lin Yan's expression froze as she listened to her mother. Something was wrong.

    "When did all this happen?" Lin Yan asked.

    "I got the news this morning..." replied He Muyun.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    In the span of one night, all these things had happened simultaneously. Everything was related to her.

    "Xiaoyan, your grandfather isn't eating because of this matter. The upcoming competition is his final bit of determination and pride. If the team were to be dissolved without even competing... I'm afraid it would be a severe blow for your grandfather." He Muyun looked gloomy and somber.

    Actually, she wasn't too troubled by the demolishment. She was mostly worried about Lin Yan's grandfather.

    "Mom, I got it. How is Uncle Xie coping?" Lin Yan looked solemn as she asked He Muyun this question.

    "The situation isn't looking good. If he doesn't get the funds, his company will go bust," He Muyun replied.
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