223 What Happens If the Wife Explodes

    Everything had happened that morning.

    Just as Pei Yucheng had said last night, Lin Yan would have to be a fool not to know what had happened.

    It was no wonder Pei Yucheng was so certain and confident that she would agree to his terms.

    She had assumed that he had blurted that out in outrage last night. It had never occurred to her that he really meant it.

    Not only had he tried to interfere with her personal life to make her obey, but he had also targeted her loved ones.

    A strong intense loathing and repulsion surged in her heart, along with a fear that seemed to have been etched in her soul a long time ago...

    "Xiaoyan... Xiaoyan, are you alright? I didn't want to tell you initially, as I didn't want you to worry..." He Muyun looked troubled and guilty.

    Lin Yan, who was jolted back to her senses, managed to give her a smile. "Mom, I'm fine. Oh yeah, I have something to do so I'll get going now."

    "Alright, alright, go ahead. Don't worry about any of these matters."

    "Okay, Mom."


    The moment she left her mother's place, her expression turned cold.

    Her fury was ignited almost instantly!

    Pei Yucheng!

    She had never imagined that Pei Yucheng would be that kind of person.

    He was such a perfect, wonderful man...

    Besides fear and loathing, she also felt disappointment...

    The pure, clean moon she had envisioned had turned out to be tainted with dirt.

    Had he been putting on a mask and pretending all along?

    She went down the staircase and called Pei Yucheng.

    He answered the moment the call got through.

    Before she could utter a word, the man said in a deep voice, "Seabed Bar."

    His voice was devoid of any warmth. It wasn't the clear, gentle tone she was familiar with. He sounded distant and ice-cold.

    After he gave her this address, he hung up.

    Lin Yan stared at her phone, enraged by Pei Yucheng's attitude.

    He was literally threatening her!

    Lin Yan inhaled deeply to suppress her rage. Then, she hailed a taxi and rushed to the bar.

    This bar was located in a remote area inside an alley, and its door was rusty. A signboard hung on the door, while the place resembled an abandoned warehouse.

    However, the moment she pushed the door, she saw a completely different world.

    It was probably not a good time for business, so the bar was almost empty.

    Lin Yan strode in and saw a familiar man. He was wearing a suit, and he looked neat and dapper.

    She had met this man at Pei Yucheng's mansion last time. He was his assistant, Cheng Mo.

    Cheng Mo bowed politely before Lin Yan. "Miss Lin, this way please."

    Lin Yan, who was stone-faced as anger boiled in the pit of her stomach, marched after him stiffly.


    After what had happened with Han Yixuan, she had sworn to focus on earning money and stay away from relationships. Once again, temptation had gotten her into this situation. It hadn't even been that long since Han Yixuan.

    However, she was even more furious this time!

    Targeting her was fine, but touching her loved ones was definitely unacceptable!

    How dare he still force her to comply and obey!

    She had never admitted defeat in her life!

    She would rather die than face dishonor!
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