224 Why Wouldnt I Dare to?

    Cheng Mo led Lin Yan swiftly to a private double-tier room.

    Lin Yan stood at the entrance as she peered inside.

    The room's design was luxurious and vintage. It felt dark and cold, and there was a broken coffee table lying on the floor. The shattered remains of a vase were nearby, and a painting hung lopsided on the wall. There were other broken furniture and ornaments as well.

    The whole room was in disarray. She wondered what had happened...

    A young man with wavy hair was sitting on the couch with a lollipop in his mouth.

    Meanwhile, a girl in a tight black suit paced around the room, looking solemn and anxious.

    Another young man was leaning against the staircase opposite the entrance. His long black hair had been tied up using some sort of shiny metallic hair tie. In the pocket of his plum-red blazer was a white tulip.

    The tulip's petals had almost all been plucked off, except for some withered ones.

    The moment Lin Yan stepped foot into the room, the trio straightened their backs and turned their heads in her direction.

    The girl in black had a murderous look in her eyes, as though she bore a deep grudge.

    Lin Yan had no time to care about them. Thus, she spoke to Cheng Mo instead. "Where is Pei Yucheng?"

    Someone bolted frantically towards her from the shadows before Cheng Mo could answer. "Big Sister-In-Law! Big Sister-In-Law, you're finally here!"

    It was Pei Yutang...

    Lin Yan's expression softened a little at the sight of him. "Third Young Master."

    "Big Sister-In-Law..."

    Lin Yan interjected with a deep frown. "Third Young Master, you can call me by my name instead."

    "Huh? But why..." Pei Yutang spluttered while the sense of foreboding mounted.

    Pei Nanxu strode over, looking exhausted and told Lin Yan eagerly, "Miss Lin, did you meet my brother yesterday? May I ask... if something happened?"

    "I broke up with your brother," replied Lin Yan impassively.

    Pei Nanxu's face fell when he heard Lin Yan.

    Pei Yutang was dumbstruck. He looked as though the sky had collapsed. "You... What did you say? You broke up with Big Brother?"

    Besides Pei Yutang, everyone else also looked shocked.

    Qin Huan pressed his forehead quietly. "Shit... No wonder..."

    Xing Chen shrugged as he licked his lollipop. "I already said that something was wrong with the stabilizer. Look! All of you owe me a lollipop!"

    Ji Lan looked forbidding as she marched toward Lin Yan.

    The second she got near Lin Yan, she felt an overwhelming sense of danger and pressure.

    "Lin Yan! How dare you! Who do you think you are?"

    When Lin Yan heard her interrogate her, her face fell. Then, she smirked coldly and retorted, "Why wouldn't I dare to? Why can't I? It's just a break-up. Who are you to interfere and why are you poking your nose into my business?"

    "You!" Ji Lan was shaking with rage, as if her anger was threatening to spill out at any moment. She stretched her hands like claws towards Lin Yan's throat.
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