225 You Are In No Position to Refuse

    She was really swift!

    The girl acted as swiftly as though she wasn't human.

    Lin Yan stumbled and tried to dodge her in a panic.

    Ji Lan peered at Lin Yan in a lofty manner, as though she was as insignificant as an ant. Contempt and hatred filled her eyes.

    Qin Huan decided to step in to ease the tension. "Ji Lan, are you mad? What are you doing?"

    Ji Lan's eyes darted to Qin Huan before she spat, "What am I doing? This woman dared to reject Brother Yu! How is she qualified to do that? Who does she think she is?"

    Pei Yucheng was considered a devil by many, but at the same time, he was also treated like a God by others.

    Lin Yan's actions made them feel as though a filthy beggar had dragged their high and mighty God into a puddle. She had even trampled on their God viciously with disdain.

    There was no way they could tolerate this!

    "Ji Lan, calm down first. Don't forget that Brother Yu..." Qin Huan massaged his temples.

    The girl interrupted him and turned to Lin Yan with a murderous glare. "So what? What he needs is her body. If she doesn't comply, does it matter? I have a thousand ways to make her accept the truth!"

    When Lin Yan heard the girl, she turned cold and aloof.


    Were they all bandits?

    If she didn't want to, would they just coerce her into obeying?

    And what did she mean by saying that he needed her body?

    As the saying goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

    Ji Lan watched Lin Yan, her words dripping with malice. "I'll give you one last chance to go back to Brother Yu. Listen and obey everything he says."

    Lin Yan chuckled softly and hissed, "What if... I refuse?"

    "Refuse..." Ji Lan eyed Lin Yan, her mouth curling into a sly smile. "You're in no position to refuse."

    As she spoke, she inched closer to Lin Yan like a murderous spirit.

    Lin Yan didn't avoid her or retreat this time. Instead, she braced herself.

    When she saw Ji Lan appear right in front of her, Lin Yan's hand moved.

    Ji Lan's speed was extraordinarily fast.

    Lin Yan couldn't even see her properly at that moment.

    A second later, Ji Lan was beside Lin Yan and she felt a strong gust of wind against her face.

    Ji Lan raised her hand in a seemingly casual manner.

    Instinctively, Lin Yan raised her hand to defend herself.


    Lin Yan used her hand to block her and stumbled backward.

    Surprise flitted across Lin Yan's eyes as she wondered about this woman...

    This was the first time Lin Yan remembered meeting an opponent that had put her at a disadvantage.

    Lin Yan could even tell that Ji Lan hadn't used her full strength.

    "Ji Lan, are you out of your mind? What are we supposed to do if you kill her?" Qin Huan glanced at Ji Lan, looking annoyed.

    "I am aware of my strength. I just wanted to teach her a lesson and make sure she knows her place," replied Ji Lan nonchalantly.

    "You can't hurt her," replied Qin Huan.

    If Boss were to come back and see that Lin Yan was hurt, he would be implicated as well.

    "Shut up. This is none of your business," snapped Ji Lan coldly.

    Qin Huan was speechless...

    As Ji Lan glared at Lin Yan, the smirk on her face widened. "Are you really not going to obey?"
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