226 Dont Force Me

    "You can try," hissed Lin Yan coldly.

    "In just one night, the people around you have been implicated... Despite that, you don't want to bow down?" Ji Lan taunted her.

    "It was you..." Lin Yan was riled up by her words.

    This girl seemed to be Pei Yucheng's subordinate, so she must have acted on his orders!

    "Seems like you're still unaware of your place."

    Ji Lan seemed to vanish on the spot. Lin Yan merely saw a shadowy figure flash past her eyes.

    Ji Lan was even swifter than earlier.

    Before Lin Yan could react, she had grabbed her neck.

    Ji Lan tightened her grip around her neck while Lin Yan was gasping for breath.

    "Don't... force me." Lin Yan felt giddy as her consciousness was ebbing away.

    "Don't force you?" Ji Lan stared at Lin Yan with a victorious smirk. Then, she hissed ruthlessly, "Are you fit to say that?"

    Lin Yan hated that distant, strange feeling. It had been so long since she had lost control... Why did she have to force her?

    Suddenly, the coldness in Lin Yan's eyes seemed to crack and shatter to pieces...

    In the dimly-lit room, no one saw Lin Yan transform.

    Lin Yan was suddenly emotionless as she grabbed Ji Lan's arm effortlessly.

    Ji Lan's arm was forcibly flung away before she stumbled backward in shock.

    Astonishment and shock filled Ji Lan's eyes as her arm was seized by intense pain and numbness.

    "Qin Huan, what did you do?" Suddenly, Ji Lan turned towards Qin Huan.

    Qin Huan looked bewildered. "What did I do?"

    "Didn't you use your secret weapon to attack me?" snapped Ji Lan furiously.

    Qin Huan replied, "Are you insane? I didn't even move."

    "It wasn't you?" Ji Lan frowned and glanced at Xing Chen.

    Ji Lan hadn't seen how Lin Yan had flung her away due to the dim lighting in the room. She had assumed it had been either Qin Huan or Xing Chen.

    Xing Chen was mystified as well while his eyes met Ji Lan's. "Don't look at me. I didn't do anything."

    Before Ji Lan could continue, Qin Huan pointed at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan, who had lost control of herself, was emitting a murderous, terrifying aura. She marched towards Ji Lan in a menacing manner that made Qin Huan shudder.

    "Why do I feel that this woman looks terrifying right now? My eyes must be playing tricks on me..." Qin Huan muttered under his breath.

    "You must have thought that the pain wasn't intense enough." Ji Lan's eyes gleamed sharply as she looked at Lin Yan.

    In a jiffy, Ji Lan clenched her fists and whizzed towards Lin Yan.

    Her punches this time carried immense strength. As she moved, one could hear the tornado-like movement.

    "Are you crazy?" Qin Huan yelled in shock.

    Lin Yan, however, was even swifter. As soon as Ji Lan reached her, she grabbed Ji Lan's neck before she could even react.

    Lin Yan stood against the light, so no one could see clearly what she was up to. Even Ji Lan had no idea what was happening.

    Lin Yan stared at Ji Lan coldly. As long as Lin Yan wanted to, she could squeeze the life out of the woman before her.
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