227 This Place Is Going to Be Torn Apar

    Xing Chen, who had been eating his lollipop quietly all this time, suddenly moved at that moment.


    They heard a loud sound and saw Xing Chen kicking Ji Lan away.

    Xing Chen, with his white wavy hair, placed his hands deep in his pockets. He watched Ji Lan coldly and said, "Do you want to continue?"

    "Oh no. Xiaoxing is angry," Qin Huan remarked as he folded his arms across his chest.

    "Xing Chen! What are you doing?" Ji Lan snarled while bellowing at him.

    "Saving you," replied Xing Chen coldly.

    Only Xing Chen had seen everything clearly and knew that, if he hadn't gotten Ji Lan out of the way, her neck would have been crushed by that woman. Apparently, even Ji Lan herself didn't realize this.

    Even Pei Yutang realized that the usually silly and sweet Lin Yan had transformed entirely at the moment.

    "Ha! You were saving me? Do you think Boss really likes her? She is merely a stabilizer to him!" Ji Lan sneered aloud.

    Ji Lan, who didn't understand Xing Chen, merely thought he was warning her that she shouldn't touch that woman for fear that Boss wouldn't let her off.

    "Idiot." Xing Chen shrugged casually. "It's up to you. Continue then."

    Xing Chen settled back on the couch.

    Ji Lan rose to her feet and marched towards Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan stared at Ji Lan as she tried to suppress herself. If she really lost control completely...

    She was aware that she was much stronger than ordinary people. All these years, she had rarely used her strength. She had refused to. Her strength would be amplified when she lost control of her emotions, and she would be more terrifying than one could imagine.

    Ji Lan had a murderous gleam in her eyes as she muttered, "Since her function as a stabilizer is no longer working, why should we keep her? Boss will lose control because of her! She has no reason to stay beside Boss! She is unworthy..."

    Ji Lan hadn't realized that as she spoke, a man had emerged from the darkness by the staircase.

    "Brother... Brother Yu..." Qin Huan was the first to spot Pei Yucheng.

    Fear blazed suddenly in Ji Lan's face the moment she heard Qin Huan. Instinctively, she turned around.

    As soon as she did, Pei Yucheng moved forward and reached her.

    Then, Pei Yucheng placed his palm gently on Ji Lan's left shoulder.

    A moment later, everyone witnessed Ji Lan fly away in the air like a kite before she smashed into a glass cabinet.

    The glass cabinet shattered along with bottles of wine and everything collapsed on the floor.

    There was wreckage everywhere. Even the staircase railing was knocked off due to the huge impact...

    The room was deadly silent after the huge commotion. Everyone turned and stared at the man in utter fear and shock.

    The room was already in disarray, and the scene was even more devastating right now. It was as though the whole place was in ruins...

    Pei Yutang pulled a long face and thought to himself, 'This place is going to be torn apart...'

    What should they do?

    Everyone had been hoping that Big Sister-In-Law would be able to pacify Big Brother. In the end, who could have guessed that she would have such a fiery temper?

    If they got together, wouldn't it be akin to Mars crashing into Earth?

    Ji Lan lay sprawled on the floor, looking sorry and battered. She gritted her teeth and ignored the excruciating pain in her body as she got up and knelt down in front of Pei Yucheng. "Brother Yu..."
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