229 The Stabilizer Transformed Into Explosives

    Pei Nanxu was anxious. "The researchers in Country M have made no progress at all. Furthermore, Big Brother isn't cooperating. Hence, even if the experts came..."

    Pei Nanxu paused for a moment before he continued. "Actually, Big Brother has gone overboard with this... If this had been some other woman, she would probably have agreed. But look at Lin Yan... She would rather die than admit defeat. I'm afraid threats would only make things worse..."

    Traces of fear remained on Qin Huan's face. "You're absolutely right! Why do you think that none of us was able to control her? No one dared to, despite how important she was! That girl is too tough and tenacious! Even Brother Yu couldn't do anything to her. Despite losing her memories, she hasn't changed at all. Her fiery temper..."

    He paused for a moment. "The worst thing is, Boss tends to lose control as well. He doesn't know what he is doing. He is merely using his instincts and everything within his power to keep Lin Yan beside him... I reckon that this time all hope is lost... We are doomed... Doomed..."

    Ji Lan shot a fierce glance at Lin Yan as she listened to the shrill alarm. Bitter and incensed, she spat out, "I have already warned all of you that she is a ticking time-bomb. She will cause Brother Yu's death someday..."

    Qin Huan coughed softly and interjected, "That's not entirely true. If it hadn't been for her, Boss would have died a dozen times! But I do agree that, for now, it's safer for her to stay away from Boss..."

    Pei Yutang clutched the sides of his head and cursed. "F*ck! Didn't all of you claim that Sister Yan was Big Brother's stabilizer? How did she become an explosive? If Sister Yan's function as a stabilizer doesn't work, what will happen to Big Brother?"

    Qin Huan pulled at his hair in frustration. "I think the most crucial thing we have to do now is separate them. She can't continue to provoke Boss!"

    "Perish together..." Pei Yucheng muttered bitterly over and over again. He shut his eyes slowly, looking as though he was reminiscing about something agonizing and painful.

    When Lin Yan had threatened him earlier, his watch had rung so shrilly that it had flustered and terrified everyone.

    Lin Yan had no idea why Pei Yucheng's watch would produce this shrill alarm.

    However, she didn't mull this over due to her rage, which had completely taken over her mind. She now seemed to be losing control over herself. Enraged, she blustered, "Pei Yucheng, ignore my bluntness. I don't care if you have a mountain of gold or a prestigious, respected status. You're selfish and self-centered, heartless and callous. You don't know how to respect others and certainly not how to love someone. I, Lin Yan, would rather fall in love with a cat or a dog than fall in love with you. I will never admit defeat or give in..."




    The alarm got sharper and louder as Lin Yan yelled. Pei Yucheng suddenly clutched his chest and any color was soon drained from his cheeks.

    "Brother Yu!"


    Qin Huan, Pei Yutang, and the others went pale.

    Pei Yucheng staggered to his feet as he gripped Lin Yan's arm.

    Lin Yan's eyes sparkled coldly. Before she could react, Pei Yucheng looked as though he was about to collapse.

    "You..." Lin Yan eyed Pei Yucheng in confusion.

    A moment later, Pei Yucheng spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, as though his body could no longer tolerate it...
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