230 I Know I Am At Fault!

    Upon seeing that Pei Yucheng was about to fall, Qin Huan, who was the nearest to him, darted forward. However, Pei Yucheng flung him away.

    "Damn it..."

    Qin Huan lay sprawled on the mess and moaned in pain. "It slipped my mind that we can't go near Boss right now... Second Young Master, Third Young Master, don't go near him at all... If you do, you will end up getting crippled..."

    Even the three of them weren't able to withstand Boss when he lost control. Ordinary people like Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang certainly wouldn't be able to.

    Lin Yan had no idea why the man would suddenly cough out blood. Her rage turned to shock as she froze. Then, her mind went blank and panic seized her.

    She stood frozen to the spot as she stared at the man. The fury coursing through her body was slowly being extinguished...

    Pei Yucheng finally couldn't take it. He staggered and swayed...

    Lin Yan narrowed her eyes and instinctively extended her hands to support him.

    However... Pei Yucheng avoided her touch...

    Lin Yan stiffened. A second later, she forcibly grabbed Pei Yucheng's arm. "You do have a temper, don't you? Shouldn't I be the one who's angry instead?"

    Pei Yucheng clutched his chest and coughed violently.

    Lin Yan was alarmed when she saw that Pei Yucheng looked as though he was about to throw up blood once more. Panicked, she immediately waved the white flag without hesitation. "Ahhh... Alright, alright! It's my fault! My fault! It's all my fault! Don't get so worked up. Calm down!"

    "What the... What is wrong with you? Aren't we just having a lovers' spat? Do you have to be so angry that you cough out blood?" Lin Yan muttered under her breath.

    Was she really that fierce and ruthless?


    She had indeed been quite ruthless earlier...

    However, he was the one who had bullied her first...

    Forget it, forget it! He had already puked blood!

    Lin Yan cast everything away. All she knew was that when she had seen Pei Yucheng coughing blood and looking so weak, all her anger had immediately vanished.

    Pei Yucheng had initially resisted her touch. However, after she attempted to touch him for the third time, he finally stopped moving.

    Lin Yan hurriedly grabbed him tightly and led him carefully to the couch. Then, she patted his back gently. "Are you better now?"



    Pei Yucheng's watch continued to ring but began to slow down.

    What was up with this watch? Those sounds made her get so flustered!

    Lin Yan cast an irritated glance at the watch before her gaze trailed to Pei Yucheng.

    His clothes were messed up, and he was covered in perspiration. His gorgeous face was stark white, and his eyes were shut tightly. He looked feeble as he breathed quietly...

    Guilt crept all over Lin Yan at that moment.

    Something was wrong!

    She was the one who had been bullied. However, why did he look as though she had trampled on him instead?

    Regardless of that, Lin Yan didn't dare say anything to provoke him now. The only thought in her mind was that she had made him vomit blood!

    She had to calm him down first.

    Lin Yan patted Pei Yucheng's back gently as she spoke as gently and softly as she could. "Don't stay angry anymore, alright? I know I'm at fault. Really, I do..."

    She had no idea why this was her fault...

    Who cared, though? She should just apologize now!
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