232 Father And Son Linked As One!

    Lin Yan's eyes lit up when Pei Yucheng agreed to her terms. She tugged his arm and reiterated, for fear that he might renege on his promise. "Then it's a deal!"

    When the girl's tiny hand touched the man, the silver watch that had been constantly producing soft sounds ceased abruptly.

    Lin Yan's eyes roved over the watch on Pei Yucheng's wrist. "This Vacheron Constantin watch is so advanced that it can act as an alarm clock?"

    Pei Yucheng was speechless...

    Everyone else was speechless...

    Pei Yutang blurted out excitedly, "You're indeed my daddy! We think alike! We are truly linked as one!"

    When Pei Yucheng's watch stopped beeping, Cheng Mo, who had been silent all this while, strode over.

    Cheng Mo glanced at Lin Yan and explained, "Miss Lin, I think there has been a misunderstanding that I need to clarify. Earlier on, the matters regarding your mother, uncle and grandfather weren't caused by President Pei."

    Lin Yan was startled when she heard him. "What..."

    But Pei Yucheng had admitted to it!

    Cheng Mo nodded and responded, "Every order issued by President Pei goes through me. And I never received such an order."

    Yesterday night, President Pei had indeed looked for him. However, he hadn't ordered him to do anything.

    He had stood quietly at a corner as President Pei had smoked the entire night.

    Hence, President Pei wasn't responsible for what had happened.

    He had wanted to explain earlier on, but he hadn't been able to butt in under these extreme circumstances. Then, President Pei had admitted to it and he had decided to remain quiet.

    Now that both of them had calmed down, Cheng Mo had finally found a chance to explain and clarify.

    Cheng Mo glanced at Ji Lan, who was still kneeling down.

    Beads of perspiration were rolling down the girl's forehead. Hatred was still evident in her eyes as she gritted her teeth. "It was me! Brother Yu didn't know anything!"

    Lin Yan frowned at her answer. No wonder this girl had threatened her. So she was the culprit...

    Earlier on, rage had overwhelmed her rational side. Instinctively, she had concluded that these must have been Pei Yucheng's orders.

    Qin Huan and the others shot surprised glances at Ji Lan.

    "Ji Lan! Are you out of your mind? How dare you do that!" Qin Huan exclaimed in disbelief.

    He had also assumed it had been Brother Yu...

    This was just like Brother Yu's style, so he hadn't suspected a thing.

    Who would have known that it was Ji Lan who had acted without orders!

    Ji Lan straightened her back and looked as if she wasn't sorry at all.

    Xing Chen shook his head and sighed in pity.

    Lin Yan's eyes trailed to the girl before she glanced at Pei Yucheng. Looking conflicted, she said, "If it wasn't you... why did you admit to it?"

    Pei Yucheng fell silent for a long time.

    He remained impassive instead of blaming Ji Lan. He then said calmly, "There is no difference. I had the same thought too."

    He couldn't deny that he had come up with that thought.

    Furthermore, she had believed firmly that he had given the orders.

    When Lin Yan heard Pei Yucheng, she felt lost and confused.

    How could there be no difference?

    Even though Pei Yucheng had had the same thought, he hadn't acted on it.

    She was more aware than anyone else of how hard it was to control one's whims and impulses when one was out of control.
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