235 She Had Such a Huge Influence On Him?

    Pei Nanxu gazed at the girl and asked hesitantly, "Miss Lin, may I ask you a question?"

    Lin Yan replied, "What do you want to ask?"

    "Why did you break up with my brother? Did he do anything to make you angry?" Pei Nanxu looked confused.

    They had seemed to be doing fine, so he couldn't comprehend why they had suddenly broken up yesterday.

    How was that possible?

    In her opinion, Pei Yucheng embodied the qualities of a perfect boyfriend.

    He had almost succeeded in seducing her and distracting her from her goal to earn money...

    Lin Yan scratched her head, looking awkward. She had her own sorrows...

    The problem was, right from the beginning, everything had been a misunderstanding...

    If her other consciousness hadn't had a habit of breaking loose and doing things that were out of her control, she wouldn't have been in such a hurry to break up with Pei Yucheng.


    When Lin Yan realized what she had been thinking of, she startled herself.

    Was her other consciousness the only reason she wanted to break up with Pei Yucheng?

    Lin Yan interrupted her train of thought and deliberated for some time before she replied carefully, "This is a little complicated, but I do have my reasons. It's okay. I will explain everything in detail to Mr. Pei. When the time comes, he can decide if he wants to break up or not."

    Pei Nanxu chuckled aloud and said firmly, "No matter what, my brother won't break up with you."

    At first, he had been curious to know why his Big Brother had been so concerned about a girl he barely knew. Was it just spontaneous interest?

    After he discovered that his brother's changes in the past two years had been because of this girl, he had become certain of the important position that Lin Yan held in his brother's heart.

    Lin Yan couldn't fathom why Pei Nanxu was so certain.

    She was quite curious as well. She had known Pei Yucheng for such a short time...

    She had even thought that Pei Yucheng wasn't serious about her...

    In the end, he was more serious than she could imagine. On the other hand, she was the one who had taken their relationship lightly.

    A pang of guilt struck her.

    "Oh yeah, how is Mr. Pei's health?" asked Lin Yan hastily.

    "He is having a thorough examination, so he needs absolute silence. It will take a long time, so my brother has arranged for a chauffeur to take you back first."

    "Are you sure that he is fine?"

    "The results are not out yet, but based on the current readings, he is in a stable condition. You don't have to worry."

    Lin Yan hesitated for a moment. "Sorry to sound intrusive, but what kind of illness does Mr. Pei have?"

    "Hmmm... I can't explain this..." Pei Nanxu racked his brains for an easy way to explain. "You can treat it as an illness that doesn't allow him to be provoked or agitated. If he is, he will lose control and it will be dangerous for him."

    As Lin Yan listened to Pei Nanxu, she recalled the kiss she had shared with Pei Yucheng just now.

    She had such a huge influence on Pei Yucheng?

    Didn't that make her a miracle pill?

    "I see..."

    Lin Yan knew that things couldn't be so simple.

    If things were the way Pei Nanxu had described, none of them would have looked so terrified. They had acted as though it was the end of the world when they had heard the alarm.


    Putting that aside, at least everything was okay now.

    After her conversation with Pei Nanxu and making sure that Pei Yucheng was fine, Lin Yan asked the chauffeur to take her to her grandfather's place.

    She had been fretting that her family might bully her mother.
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