236 Interested In Investing

    Lin Yan decided to get some stuff for her grandfather at a nearby mall. Thus, she went to her grandfather's place with bulging bags.

    Her grandfather, He Dingkun, was sitting in the living room with her mother.

    "Sister Yan, you're here."

    Her cousin, He Lefeng, helped Lin Yan with her bags when he saw her.

    "Why are you here?"

    Her older cousin, He Mingkai, shot a glance at Lin Yan and He Muyun. He snorted coldly and said, "The elimination competition is tomorrow morning. Why are outsiders who know nothing about racing here today?"

    "Brother Mingkai, don't put it that way..." He Lefeng frowned in response as he glanced at He Mingkai.

    "Why? How should I put it instead? Don't you know that someone has caused our family to end up in this state?"

    "Brother Mingkai, you can't blame Aunt and Sister Yan. They don't want that to happen either. Besides, our car team wasn't good to begin with... Otherwise, we wouldn't have ended up in this state," replied He Lefeng meekly.

    Their oldest uncle, He Xiong, sneered coldly. "Xiaofeng, you're still a kid! What do you know? Mingkai is right! Besides, if it wasn't for the lack of investment, based on Mingkai's talent, he would have become one of the top racers in the country!"

    'Dad, don't bother talking to them. They don't know anything, especially the two of them. They've made me lose my appetite," He Mingkai scoffed.


    The old master, who had a deep frown on his face, looked displeased.

    No one else dared to argue when he blew up.

    "Oh yeah, Grandfather, Dad... I have good news." He Lefeng's lips curled into a smug smile.

    "What kind of news do you have?" asked He Xiong.

    "I got to know Pei Yutang, the boss of Storm, by chance. After a few discussions, he has finally agreed to watch our competition tomorrow. As long as we perform well, we might be able to get him to invest."

    "Pei Yutang?" He Xiong paused before he replied, "I haven't heard of him."

    He Lefeng reeled off, "Storm is actually quite good, and their cars and equipment are top quality. However, they don't have good racers, so they can't improve their ranking. It doesn't matter, though. As long as Storm's boss is willing to invest in us, it won't be such a big deal even if we lose the competition."

    "I have heard of Storm." The old master watched He Mingkai intently. "Are you sure their boss will be there to watch the race tomorrow? And he is interested in investing?"

    "Ha ha... Grandfather, don't worry. I am quite close to Storm's boss. There won't be any problems, I promise." He Mingkai sounded confident.

    "Mingkai, I didn't think you would be able to invite the boss of Storm... You've worked hard during this period." He Dingkun nodded at him in approval.

    "Mingkai, well done! You've made us proud!" He Xiong looked immensely pleased and satisfied. Then, he mocked Lin Yan and He Muyun loudly. "Unlike some people, who only bring harm to their family. They have done nothing to contribute to the family, yet they are even being thick-skinned."
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