237 Lin Yan Will Be the Navigator?

    Lin Yan shot a glance at her uncle, He Mingkai, and her older cousin. She didn't even bother retorting.

    "Let's eat."

    Their grandfather spoke to all of them.


    At the dining table, He Xiong glanced at He Lefeng. "Xiaofeng, you mentioned that you have found a navigator. Is everything going to be fine tomorrow?"

    "I think so." He Lefeng's eyes trailed to Lin Yan.

    At the same moment, Lin Yan gave He Lefeng a reassuring smile.

    "Xiaofeng, what do you mean by that? If you don't have a navigator, you can't enter the race! Even if you could, how would you be able to complete the race? This isn't a joke!" He Xiong frowned as he replied.

    "I know. Tomorrow, I'll have my navigator." He Lefeng nodded in response.

    "Who will be your navigator? Did you hire this person?" He Mingkai turned and asked He Lefeng.

    He Lefeng wasn't good at talking, and his performance on the track had always been mediocre. Hence, no one was willing to be his navigator.

    In the end, He Lefeng's last navigator had left as well.

    "I have discussed this with Sister Yan... She will take part in tomorrow's race as my navigator..." He Lefeng deliberated before he muttered feebly.

    Everyone at the table was astonished and shocked. Even He Muyun, who was usually quiet, looked startled.

    Lin Yan would be the navigator?

    "Xiaoyan, you want to be Xiaofeng's navigator? He Muyun asked, sounding uncertain.

    Lin Yan nodded. "Mom, I've discussed this with Xiaofeng. Besides, I'm also a part of this family. I want to do something for us."

    "Xiaoyan, are you confident?" He Muyun sounded apprehensive.

    Although a navigator wasn't as important as a racer, this job required more experience. A navigator needed an excellent memory and analytical skills.

    "Mom, don't worry. I will do my best." Lin Yan smiled.

    Before He Muyun could continue, He Xiong leaped to his feet and bellowed at Lin Yan. "What kind of joke is that? You want to be a navigator? Are you nuts? Who do you think you are?"

    "I understand what she meant by saying that she is a part of the family and she's yearning to do something for us. I think she wants to ruin the family and the team completely!" He Mingkai sneered heartlessly.

    "Uncle, Brother Mingkai, since Sister Yan says that she can be my navigator, I'm sure she is up to the task. Besides, if I don't have one, I can't even enter the competition." He Lefeng sighed as he spoke to them.

    "Xiaofeng, are you out of your mind too?" He Xiong glanced at He Lefeng. "I heard that she dropped out of school to work. How would she know anything about racing? Does she think she is just going out for a spin on the front passenger seat? Do you know how important this competition is?"

    He Xiong then added furiously, "Mingkai has tried so hard to get Storm's boss, Pei Yutang, to come tomorrow. He has done so much for the family, yet she is trying to destroy all of us! Pei Yutang will assume that we don't know anything if we allow anyone to be a navigator!"
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