238 Knowing Ones Limits

    "Dad, I believe in Xiaoyan... If she says she can do it, there won't be a problem." He Muyun peered at He Dingkun.

    He Muyun knew her daughter too well. Even if Lin Yan wasn't a qualified navigator, she did have an excellent memory. As long as she took the time to familiarize herself with the race, there wouldn't be a problem.

    "Dad, are you aware that Xiaoyan has a very good memory? Besides, Xiaofeng's previous navigator was also very new. Even if Xiaoyan wasn't a navigator, she would be okay if she was given time to get familiar with the race." He Muyun pressed on when He Dingkun didn't reply.

    "What do you know!" He Xiong spat angrily. "Do you reckon anybody can be a navigator? So what if she has a good memory? How about the analysis of the race or all the other factors? Do you think this is child's play?"

    "This is a joke." He Mingkai glanced at Lin Yan with a condescending look. "Who gave her the courage to do that? As one gets older, one truly meets all sorts of people."

    "That's enough!"

    The old master slammed the table before Lin Yan could utter a word.

    Everyone clammed up.

    "The competition is tomorrow. It's impossible to get a navigator for Xiaofeng now. Anyway, Xiaofeng won't be the main racer, so it's fine if she is his navigator. It would be fine even if we wanted to just make up the numbers." He Dingkun pondered before announcing this loudly.

    He Dingkun's eyes landed on He Mingkai. "Mingkai, you have a huge responsibility tomorrow. You have to be in the top three even if we lose the competition. Then, the boss of Storm will have a reason to invest."

    "Top three..."

    He Mingkai looked apprehensive and doubtful when he heard the old master. Even though he was quite good, it would still be difficult for him to make the top three...

    Three teams were going to be competing tomorrow, and there would be more than a dozen racers on the track.

    He Dingkun sighed heavily when he noticed He Mingkai's expression. "Try your best then. Get Xiaofeng and the others to support you and there will still be a glimmer of hope."

    "You mean that we should count on them?"

    He Xiong's eyes trailed to Lin Yan and he sneered with disdain.

    "Grandfather, I will try my best to win the race with Xiaofeng." Lin Yan smiled at He Dingkun.

    He Lefeng was speechless...

    "Alright, but try to support Mingkai and help him get into the top three. Then, even if we lose, it won't be such a disgraceful defeat," He Dingkun instructed her.

    "I got it, Grandfather." Lin Yan nodded.

    She wasn't the least bit interested in races like this. If it hadn't been for the sake of Grandfather, there was no way she would have joined the race or become a navigator.

    However, saving her grandfather's car team was her top priority right now.

    "Grandfather, look at how confident this amateur sounds! She wants to win the race with Xiaofeng? I really can't help but laugh over how dumb they are. They should know their own limits. Does she even know what a racing car is?" He Mingkai surveyed Lin Yan with a long calculating look.
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