239 A Huge Gap

    When Lin Yan heard He Mingkai, she didn't react. She wasn't even interested in talking to a racer like him. There was a huge, massive gap between their abilities.

    "Forget it, Mingkai. Your grandfather has already decided, so just focus on your race tomorrow. Even if the team loses, it won't be your fault. Pretend that she is invisible and don't let her affect you," replied He Xiong.

    "Dad, I understand. Don't worry, I'll do my best tomorrow." He Mingkai nodded and smiled. "I will make sure that the boss of Storm, Pei Yutang, will see my talent. That way, even if we lose, we will still have a chance of getting his investment."

    Lin Yan's phone rang at that moment.

    She glanced at the screen- Little Kid 'Third Young Master Pei'.

    She rose and left the living room, heading to the courtyard to answer the call.

    "Hello, Big Sister-In-Law!" Pei Yutang's cheery voice rang out.

    "What happened? Is something wrong with your Big Brother?" Lin Yan frowned.

    "Big Brother?" Pei Yutang paused before saying, "Nope. He is fine. The doctors are examining him, but he is currently doing well."

    "Then why did you call me?" Lin Yan sounded puzzled.

    "Big Sister-In-Law, why are you so cold? You will hurt my tiny fragile heart." Pei Yutang sighed.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Shouldn't he have an agenda for calling her? Was he trying to make her pay more expenses? She would be charged by the telecommunications company for talking! It was expensive!

    "Big Sister-In-Law, are you there? Say something!" Pei Yutang urged her.

    "Yeah, yeah. I'm here. Say what's on your mind," Lin Yan replied helplessly.

    "Big Sister-In-Law, the He family's team... belongs to your grandfather, right?" asked Pei Yutang.

    "Yeah," replied Lin Yan.

    "That's good. I was afraid that I might have been mistaken." Pei Yutang paused for a moment. "That team is in the lowest category. They have no funds, no racers, nothing at all..."

    "What are you trying to say?" Lin Yan sounded impatient. Had he just called to complain and diss her grandfather's car team?

    "Big Sister-In-Law, I heard that the He family's team will be taking part in the elimination competition. I reckon that you will be there tomorrow. If they lose, they will have to disband!

    Today, He Mingkai looked for me and asked me to watch the race. I agreed... Big Sister-In-Law, you will be there tomorrow, right? If you aren't racing, why should I go?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    So this was what he had been trying to ask while beating around the bush. She had been puzzled as to why Pei Yutang would be interested in her family's car team.

    "I will be participating in the race tomorrow." Lin Yan deliberated before she answered.

    "Big Sister-In-Law, I got it. Tomorrow, I will be there early to cheer you on... The other two teams can't even beat me, so you will be able to beat them with a fraction of your skill. You actually don't need me to cheer you on. They are literally just an ant trying to defeat a giant. I should inform God Z and the rest, as they want to watch you compete too!"

    Pei Yutang chuckled loudly.
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