240 So Capable?

    "If you have nothing else to tell me, I'm hanging up," replied Lin Yan.

    Pei Yutang was speechless...

    The call ended...

    Pei Yutang was speechless once more...


    Lin Yan returned to the house after she ended the call.

    Some time later, He Xiong's phone rang.

    "What? Really?" He Xiong answered the call, disbelief etched clearly on his face.

    "Alright, I understand. Tomorrow, you have to treat our guests well and make sure everything is perfect!" He Xiong instructed.

    "Dad, who was that?" He Mingkai asked, looking curious.

    "Dad, Mingkai, I have to tell you something incredible. Do you know who is coming to watch the competition tomorrow?" He Xiong sounded excited.

    He Dingkun replied, "Just say it."

    "ZH1!" He Xiong exclaimed.

    "You mean... ZH1?" He Dingkun was shocked. After all, this was one of the best teams in the country!

    He Dingkun had been interested in ZH1 for years and he liked the captain, God Z, and the other members of the team.

    They were definitely some of the best racers in the country!

    ZH1 was what they had yearned to become. But why would they come to watch the competition for no reason?

    "Dad, are you serious? ZH1?" He Mingkai was in shock.

    Some time ago, he had seen ZH1 at a competition. Although he had been invited by Storm's boss, he hadn't managed to watch the race personally.

    "Hold on." The old master maintained his composure as he gazed at He Xiong. "Which ZH1?"

    "Which ZH1 could it be, other than the team you have been following closely? Your favorite team in the country!" He Xiong replied with a huge grin.

    "ZH1... Why would they watch our competition? We don't know them at all..." He Dingkun looked baffled.

    "Dad, do you really need to ask? Storm's boss, Pei Yutang, is one of ZH1's sponsors. Pei Yutang will be watching my son, who is your grandson, tomorrow. ZH1 will be coming with Pei Yutang to watch Mingkai!" He Mingkai replied excitedly.

    A streak of happiness and excitement appeared in He Mingkai's eyes as he slammed the table and quipped, "I met God Z some time ago! To think that he will be watching the competition tomorrow!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    This pair of father and son were really dreaming if they thought that ZH1 would be coming because of them.

    In hindsight, Pei Yutang was way too efficient and quick. He had mentioned that he wanted to inform God Z and, in no time, the whole team had announced it would be there tomorrow.

    God Z had called her several times after the competition with Speed, but she had been too busy to answer.

    Hence, Lin Yan was aware of God Z's agenda for watching the competition tomorrow. He wanted her to join his team, but she was seriously not interested.

    "ZH1... Brother Mingkai, you're really awesome!" He Lefeng looked awestruck as he gazed at He Mingkai.

    He Lefeng knew what the presence of ZH1 meant. They were the most prestigious team in the country, so it was already hard enough to meet them. However, they would be coming to watch them!

    He Lefeng hadn't imagined that He Mingkai would be so capable. Not only had he managed to invite Storm's boss, but he had even gotten ZH1 to come...
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