241 Too Terrifying!

    It was getting late, so Lin Yan and her mother stayed over at her grandfather's place.

    She had been feeling troubled recently due to a series of incidents. As a result, she couldn't seem to fall asleep and put on a jacket and went out of the house.

    There was a beach near her grandfather's house. No one was around, and it was quiet.

    Lin Yan sat there enjoying the sea breeze and felt marginally more at peace.

    Ever since she had returned after getting banned from competing, too many things had happened. Everything that she was familiar with had changed.

    Would she still be able to return to the racing arena in this lifetime?

    What she was most anxious about was the survival of her brother. She had to find that laboratory and her brother. She had sworn to find the mastermind and shred him to pieces!

    As for Lin Shuya...

    One reason she had been so nice to Lin Shuya was because of the loss of her brother. She had showered the only sibling she had left with her concern and love.

    Despite experiencing many difficulties and hardships all these years, as well as an abduction, she had remained strong and tenacious. However, Lin Shuya had caused her to hit rock bottom...

    Breaking all ties with her and starting over had been good for her.

    At this thought, Lin Yan unconsciously recalled Pei Yucheng's gentle smile...

    She had almost forgotten that there was a much more difficult problem at hand. She had to think of a way to explain to Pei Yucheng clearly...

    While Lin Yan lay on the soft sand, her thoughts seemed to float away and a wave of sleepiness crashed over her...


    Rumbling sounds were heard.

    Suddenly, she heard a strange sound that sounded particularly scary on this deserted beach.

    Lin Yan's sleepiness vanished abruptly and she surveyed her surroundings warily.

    The beach was still deserted. She couldn't spot anything in sight.

    The rumbling sounds were heard once more.

    The sounds persisted and became even louder.

    "Damn it..."

    Lin Yan rose quickly and thought to herself. 'This ghost is really terrifying!'

    Under the moonlight, Lin Yan caught sight of a bunch of keys on the beach.

    She ran over quickly without a second thought. As she stared at the keys, a scary thought hit her. Was someone drowning?

    There were bubbles on the surface of the sea.

    Lin Yan froze in horror, not even stopping to think. She ran to the waves and plunged her hands in.

    After a few seconds, she pulled with all her might.

    A good-looking young man was being pulled up by his head by Lin Yan.

    He stared at Lin Yan as she pulled him to the shore.

    "You... Are you alright?" Lin Yan furrowed her eyebrows.

    The man muttered inaudibly. It sounded as though he was asking Lin Yan to get lost.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "Sorry, I thought you were drowning..." Lin Yan felt a little awkward as she relinquished her grip.

    The young man slipped slowly back into the waves once more.

    He slapped the waves repeatedly. "I... I... I... accidentally... rolled down... to the sea earlier! Ahhh!"

    Lin Yan was speechless.

    When she heard him, she grabbed his head and pulled him on the shore once again.

    "Are you alright?" Lin Yan asked as she watched him gasp for breath.

    "I... I..."

    "I'll call an ambulance now!" Lin Yan whipped out her phone.

    "I... I am not fine!" the man blurted out.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She gazed at the man, who was drenched from head to toe.

    She hadn't seen anyone when she had come to the beach. When had this man come to the beach?
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