242 A Hater?

    Lin Yan crossed her arms across her chest as she studied the man, who was dripping with water.

    "Why... Why are you... looking at me..." The man shook himself as he glanced at Lin Yan.

    "When did you roll yourself into the sea?" Lin Yan asked him.

    "About... an hour ago..." The man pondered before he replied.

    "An hour?"

    Lin Yan was startled when she heard that.

    No wonder she hadn't seen him when she had first come to the beach.

    How come he was still alive after being in the sea for an hour?

    "It's good that you're alright."

    Lin Yan surveyed the man from head to toe before she walked away.

    Soon, the man trailed after her and watched her with a peculiar look in his eyes.

    "What's wrong?" Lin Yan frowned at him.

    "You... You look... like..." The man stammered as he gazed at her.

    "You must be mistaken! I am not!"

    Could this be a hater? Lin Yan shook her head violently.

    It was so late at night, and she had no makeup on. Her hair was messy too, so how could he have recognized her?

    "You look like... someone I knew... a long time ago. A pervert!" concluded the man.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    A pervert?

    Before she could retort, the man's eyes gleamed coldly as he turned to the waves.

    "Do... me a favor..." said the man.

    "Go away." Lin Yan shot him an apathetic look.

    He had just said that she looked like a pervert. Then, a moment later, he had asked her for a favor. She shouldn't have saved him earlier on.

    "Don't say... say... that you saw me!"

    The man fell back into the sea with a splash as Lin Yan watched in astonishment.

    She was feeling bewildered by his actions, when a knot of young men and women dressed in black marched towards her.

    The man leading them was studying the surroundings.

    "Around here," the man instructed them.

    "Didn't we search this area just now?" a woman replied, sounding listless.

    Lin Yan watched them quietly, wondering if the stuttering man had deliberately hidden in the water to hide from them.

    The man seemed to be holding some sort of tracker in his hand.


    Suddenly, a woman walked over to Lin Yan and asked coldly, "Did you see a stuttering man nearby?"

    The woman whipped out a photo and brandished it before Lin Yan's eyes.

    It was the stuttering man who had rolled into the sea.

    "Oh... I didn't see him. I have been sitting here for some time, but you are the only people I saw." Lin Yan contemplated briefly before she denied seeing the man.

    She had no idea what feud the stuttering man had with this group of people, but she did not wish to get entangled in their affairs. This certainly had nothing to do with her.

    "You didn't see him?"

    The young woman peered at Lin Yan as she sized her up. She seemed to be attempting to read her expression for any hints of a lie.

    Soon, the woman turned around without a word.

    "Captain, there is no one around," she informed the man.

    "Hmmm... Interesting."

    The man didn't look as though he was about to leave. His eyes landed on Lin Yan and the corners of his mouth turned up into a sly smile.
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