243 You Are Valuable

    The gadget in the man's hand continued to beep shrilly.

    The man walked over to Lin Yan slowly as he stretched the gadget towards her.

    A second later, the screen lit up with a red light.

    Without warning, the group of people swarmed and surrounded Lin Yan in seconds.

    "Excellent, Grade A." The man watched Lin Yan with a smirk. "Even if you were to be recycled, you would fetch a good price."

    "What do you mean?" As Lin Yan sized up the man, a crease formed between her eyebrows. How could he know that she belonged to grade A?

    "That means you are very valuable." The man licked his chapped lips before he threw a meaningful glance at the young girl beside him.

    A moment later, the girl raised her palm and aimed at Lin Yan's neck.


    Judging by the sound of her action, the girl was incredibly strong. She might even be able to split a boulder with her palm and force.

    Lin Yan swiftly avoided her hand at lightning speed.

    In a split second, the young girl's palm landed in thin air. The air itself seemed to freeze.

    Lin Yan narrowed her eyes warily as she studied them. They were definitely not ordinary people.

    "Seems like there isn't a problem with this device... It yields results indeed. Grade A." The man's smile deepened when he saw how Lin Yan had avoided the girl agilely.

    "Who are you guys?" hissed Lin Yan fiercely.

    "Shhh..." The man hushed her and chuckled softly. "Don't be impatient. You'll know very soon."

    The young girl aimed her palm at Lin Yan once more in a ruthless manner.

    Flames of fury leaped inside Lin Yan. She had come to the beach to enjoy the breeze, and her mood had become better. However, these people had come and disrupted her peace.


    Lin Yan grabbed and intercepted the girl's fist.

    The girl, who had steel rings on her fingers, was out to kill.

    "Who... Who are you?" Lin Yan stared at them coldly as she gripped the girl's arm.

    Lin Yan's force made the young girl frown as she began to perspire.

    "Scram," Lin Yan said coldly as she darted forward. She raised her right leg and aimed her knee at the girl's abdomen.

    The girl let out a gasp of surprise before she was flung away like a broken kite. She landed on some rocks.

    "Grade A. You're good. No wonder you're valuable." The man's eyes trailed to the girl before landing on Lin Yan once more.

    Lin Yan was about to utter something when the rest of them seemed to be ready to act. A moment later, all of them charged towards her.

    She was swift as she grabbed two of the guys and sent them flying into the sea.

    Then, Lin Yan instinctively used her hand to defend herself when she saw the shadow of a fist flashing before her.

    However, a force landed and spread from Lin Yan's palm to her entire body. She felt so numb that she almost fell.

    As Lin Yan staggered backward, the leader darted to her and grasped her neck.

    "Grade A is excellent, but how would you fight with Grade S?" The man eyed Lin Yan with a victorious smirk.
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