244 She Doesnt Seem Like Grade A

    As the man spoke, Lin Yan's eyes sparkled with a cold gleam. "So all of you came from the laboratory as well?"


    The man scoffed coldly when he heard Lin Yan. "After all this time, you're merely someone from the laboratory. Pfft... What a cheapskate."

    "Cut the nonsense... Where is my brother?"

    Lin Yan was shaking with fury at the possibility of them being linked to her brother's disappearance.

    "Your brother?" The man sized up Lin Yan again. "What nonsense are you talking about? How would I know who your brother is?"

    "So you don't want to tell the truth..."

    The veins throbbed against Lin Yan's forehead, and her pupils seem to dilate.


    Lin Yan's fist landed on the man's abdomen.

    The man's face contorted in pain as he crouched and stumbled backward.

    "Captain, she doesn't seem like she is grade A..." another young man remarked this time.

    The captain sneered coldly. "The higher the rank she possesses, the better the price she will fetch. Use it."

    The man commanded them. Instantly, all the others took out palm-sized airbags and hurled them at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan, who was losing control of herself, struck the airbags with her palms.

    When the airbags broke, Lin Yan was unexpectedly caught by the net that fell from them.

    Lin Yan felt as though she was being struck by lightning. The excruciating pain dispersed a little of her willpower.

    "F*ck! She wasted my airbag!" The captain shot a glance at Lin Yan as he smirked.

    Lin Yan was trapped in the net, so the pain was unbearable. She couldn't move, and her body had turned stiff. She couldn't even lift a finger.

    This was the first time in her life she had ever experienced such excruciating pain.

    Despite the pain, broken fragments of her memories came back to her.

    She saw her brother, Lin Yuetong, her mother and her grandfather.

    However, all these people were gazing at her with fear.

    It was as though they were pleading with her.... to let them off.

    She was in a laboratory, looking cold and aloof. Menace filled her eyes... Everyone seemed to be afraid of her...

    Those pieces of memories made Lin Yan fearful. Everything felt weird and unfamiliar.

    In a split second, this memory was replaced by another flashback.

    Pei Yucheng was hugging her to sleep.

    Soon, there was an argument and she even heard an indistinct voice calling out...



    The excruciating pain made Lin Yan feel more awake. All those memories seemed to be an illusion.

    Lin Yan tried her best to get the net away from her. However, she couldn't move an inch.


    Meanwhile, at Cloud Manor...

    Pei Yutang stared in shock as Pei Yucheng collapsed on the floor suddenly. He spat out his juice and immediately rushed to the unconscious Pei Yucheng.

    "Big Brother! What's wrong with you? Big Brother! F*ck! Help! Big Brother has fainted!"


    At the same time, on the beach...

    "What the... She is still struggling! This is quite scary... I am going to get a good price for you." The captain smirked slyly.

    As he finished his sentence, the device in his hand let out a sharp alarm.
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