245 Grade SSS?


    The captain looked startled.

    The device in his hand did have an alarm function. However, he had never encountered anything like this, despite catching countless people with enhanced abilities...

    Even though he had met high-quality ones, the alarm had never rung so shrilly before.

    "Captain, what's wrong?"

    The rest of his subordinates gazed at the device in the man's hand, looking puzzled and confused.

    "I don't know. Maybe it's malfunctioning?" replied the captain uncertainly.

    "The... Captain... Look!"

    Suddenly, a young man pointed at the device, looking utterly astounded.

    Instinctively, the captain bowed his head.

    The screen, which had lit up originally with a red light, was rapidly changing.


    The captain was shocked when the light turned from red to orange.

    The different colors represented the different ranks of people with enhanced abilities.

    Red represented grade A, whereas orange represented grade S. Yellow was grade S+, while green was grade SS. Black represented the highest and most powerful grade, grade SSS.

    "Captain! It turned green!" someone yelled out in shock.

    There was a grade SS lurking around nearby?

    In the span of a few seconds, the captain saw the color changing from green to black.

    "SSS!" The man trembled in fright as he shuffled his feet. He surveyed his surroundings warily.

    However, they were the only ones on this beach.

    The alarm on the device rang with a sharp, shrill sound. It was as though it was warning them that doomsday was approaching.

    "It must be a malfunction."

    The captain frowned at the device as he pondered to himself. How could there possibly be a grade SSS?

    "Captain, look at that woman!"

    He turned around right away.

    "How is that possible?"

    'Lin Yan' rose to her feet while the electric net glowed with a bright light.

    A moment later, 'Lin Yan' ripped the electric net apart effortlessly and cast it aside while the captors were watching.

    "The device is malfunctioning. Now, the net is useless as well," muttered the captain.

    "Captain, let me handle her. I reckon that she doesn't have much strength left." A man with a scar on his face traipsed towards 'Lin Yan'.

    When he reached her, he hissed coldly, "Do you want to surrender willingly, or do you need my help?"

    'Lin Yan' was fumbling for something in her pocket.

    'Seems like you're really stubborn." The scar-faced man sneered maliciously.

    'Lin Yan' raised her head and her eyes met the man's eyes.

    "Do you have a lighter?" 'Lin Yan' asked nonchalantly.

    "You're asking for it!" The scar-faced man exploded with rage and raised his fist at 'Lin Yan'.


    Everyone heard a dull sound.

    The scar-faced man collapsed on the ground, looking lifeless. However, no one had seen 'Lin Yan' move at all.

    'Lin Yan' touched the left shoulder of the man with a hand while she fumbled in his pockets.

    Soon, she took out some cigarettes and a lighter.

    A second later, she lifted the man and flung him into the sea.
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