246 Do You Despise Us?

    'Lin Yan' remained standing, looking unbothered and composed. She fiddled with the lighter in her hand.

    In the darkness, a flame burst from the lighter and she lit up a cigarette. Smoke swirled around her in no time.

    'Lin Yan' scanned the group of men and women coldly.

    Each one of them unconsciously averted their gaze when their eyes met 'Lin Yan''s gaze.

    They had no idea why they felt a suffocating pressure that made their hearts race and their palms feel cold.

    Even the captain seemed uneasy when he looked into 'Lin Yan''s eyes. There was no trace of emotion in her eyes whatsoever.

    The captain mustered his courage and stared at Lin Yan bravely as he sneered aloud, "I have underestimated you. You still have a little fight left in you."

    "Captain, let's retreat. Some of us are already injured," one of the young men suggested softly as he watched the scar-faced man being retrieved from the sea.

    "Besides, I think that this woman... is a little strange. It's just my instinct..."

    "The device has notified us of the presence of a grade SSS nearby. It would be unwise of us to linger any longer."

    The captain mulled over his words for some time before he nodded. Then, he waved his hands and beckoned to his people.

    'Lin Yan' was surrounded by them in no time.

    The device was still ringing sharply, letting out an ear-piercing sound. It unsettled their minds, so the captain decided to switch it off.


    'Lin Yan' remained motionless on the spot despite being surrounded. She seemed as though she was looking at a bunch of worthless clowns.

    "You're just a grade A! Do you despise us?" a young man bellowed, feeling riled up by the condescending look 'Lin Yan' was giving them.

    "Break her arms and legs so that she will beg for mercy!"

    "Ha ha ha... If we break her arms and legs, how will she kneel and beg?"

    "In that case, she can crawl and beg us!"

    Despite their sarcasm and mockery, 'Lin Yan' remained unruffled. She continued to fiddle with the lighter.

    "You are asking for it!"

    The whole group brandished their fists at 'Lin Yan' simultaneously.

    Their punches carried immense force. Even a boulder would have been smashed to pieces, let alone a human being.


    'Lin Yan' finally moved in the blink of an eye.

    She simply moved an arm and flung the lighter casually.

    The lighter flew away swiftly through the air in a beautiful curve and smashed into the man ahead of the rest. It exploded the moment it hit the man's forehead.

    The lighter cut into the flesh of the young man's face and the impact of the force hurled the man meters away.

    "My face!" the young man shrieked in pain as the others glared at 'Lin Yan' with a murderous gleam in their eyes. If looks could kill, 'Lin Yan' would have died a million times.

    The rest of the captors shot glances at each other. She had used a lighter to wound a person?

    Fortunately, that lighter was made of plastic. If it had been made of metal...
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