247 A Wicked Person Will Meet Their Own Kind

    "Come at me together. Give me your best shot," said 'Lin Yan' suddenly.


    A second later, a young woman attacked 'Lin Yan' with formidable force. One could hear the rush of the wind as her fist moved through the air.

    'Lin Yan' shot a casual glance at the young woman, but no one saw her retaliate. However, the young woman shrieked miserably before her face crumpled with agonizing pain. She was flung away and ended up lying unconscious on the beach.

    In no time, continuous splashes of water were heard.

    Several young men and women were cast away like pieces of paper into the sea.


    Desperate and anxious, the rest of the captors glanced at their captain.

    He merely smirked in response as he brandished his fist at 'Lin Yan'.

    She remained rooted to the spot, merely raising a finger in front of her chest.

    "Ha ha ha... How adorable!"

    The captain erupted in maniacal laughter as his eyes blazed with malice. How dare she, a mere grade A, use a finger against him, a grade S?

    She really had a death wish!

    A moment later, a sharp scream rattled the air.

    The remaining captors stared at 'Lin Yan' in horror and astonishment.

    The smile on the captain's face froze as he watched 'Lin Yan', looking transfixed.

    This woman, who had used a finger to block his attack, had rendered him numb all over...

    "This is impossible..." The man shook his head, looking aghast at the sight of the girl. "You are a fraud!"

    Without giving the man a chance to respond, 'Lin Yan' used her thumb and finger to clasp his throat. Then, she lifted him slowly up while his legs dangled in mid-air.

    No matter how hard the man struggled, he couldn't free himself from 'Lin Yan''s grip. She was like an unmovable mountain that was crushing him.


    The captain was drenched in perspiration as he stared at the girl in sheer horror. Fear filled his eyes, while she seemed different.

    "No... Impossible... Grade A... It can't be!"

    The man had become hysterical as he stared intently at 'Lin Yan'.

    The girl remained silent. She actually seemed like a century-old iceberg. Her aura was suffocating him so much that he was desperate to escape.

    The man could distinctly feel that 'Lin Yan' had increased her strength.

    He turned as red as a tomato before he fainted on the spot.

    'Lin Yan' tossed the man's limp body aside casually.

    She then snuffed out her cigarette before placing her hands in her pockets and leaving the beach.


    After Lin Yan left, the stuttering man climbed out of the water cautiously.

    "I... I... Crap!"

    The good-looking man gazed in the direction 'Lin Yan' had left.

    "A wicked... person... will meet... their own... kind... Now... it's... retribution... time..." he stammered as he sneered coldly at the unconscious man.
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