248 How Could There Be Such a Terrifying Woman?

    'Lin Yan' strolled along on a quiet road.

    Soon, the girl's eyes lost their focus and coldness for a few moments before her gaze became clear again.

    Lin Yan shuddered and unconsciously scanned her surroundings.

    She was confused.

    Where had the beach gone?

    Also... the group of people who had tried to catch her had vanished.

    Lin Yan frowned as she pondered quietly. Had she acted up again?

    The last thing she remembered was being trapped by the electric net. Subsequently, she recalled some fuzzy images and then remembered nothing.

    This place wasn't too far away from the beach.

    Lin Yan studied her surroundings. She was on a deserted road that hardly anyone used, especially at night.

    Soon, she felt a little giddy. Without caring about her image, she sat down to rest.

    She had no idea why she felt weak and limp. It seemed as if all her energy had been sucked away. Other than that, her head was hurting too.

    Lin Yan felt as though she had drunk a lot. The throbbing pain in her head aside, she was giddy. She couldn't remember the events that had taken place earlier.


    Meanwhile, on the beach...

    The men and women exhausted all their strength to swim back to the beach.

    Everyone was drenched and sickly pale. They all trembled unconsciously, especially their captain, who had regained consciousness. Traces of fear still lingered in his eyes.

    Earlier on, the grade-A girl had displayed qualities and strength that they couldn't fathom.

    How could a mere grade A be so terrifying?

    "Captain, let's report this to higher management. That woman is really terrifying! We won't be able to handle her!" a young girl suggested meekly.

    "It's a mystery why she didn't kill us... I thought that would be the end of me..." The scar-faced man trembled at the thought.

    "How could there be such a terrifying woman? Isn't she a grade A?" The captain gritted his teeth bitterly.

    "Report this to management!" he yelled after a moment.

    "Captain, let's leave first. If the woman returned... It would be really dangerous!"

    "I know a shortcut. Let's use it. It's just our luck that we would meet such a monster!"

    The group of people supported each other as they stumbled towards the road.


    A short while later, they saw a person sitting by the roadside. She had propped her hand against her head, looking as if she was lost in thought.

    "Get lost!" one of them yelled in frustration when he saw someone blocking their path.

    Lin Yan, who was still trying to recall what had happened, was jolted back to reality. Instinctively, she turned around and faced them.

    The man with the scar on his face inhaled sharply when he caught a glimpse of Lin Yan's face under the moonlight.


    He gasped and stumbled backward dramatically, losing his footing and falling down as a result.

    Lin Yan watched him and the others, who were all drenched from head to toe, warily. She sprang to her feet instinctively and eyed them.

    Who were they exactly? How could they track her down wherever she went?
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