249 Dont Come Near Me!

    "You... You! It's you!" The man pointed at Lin Yan in horror and fear. He retreated hastily, looking as though he couldn't wait to get as far away from her as possible.

    "Why are you lingering around like a spirit?"

    Lin Yan's eyes gleamed, and she didn't give the man a chance to retort. She bolted for him and aimed a kick at the man's face.

    The man was hurled away like a lump of mud by Lin Yan's kick. He landed on the ground and rolled toward the captain.

    Overlooking the man's pain, the man yelled at his fellow team members, "Run! That woman is here to kill us!"


    All of them, including the captain, became stiff at the man's warning.

    Their gazes trailed ahead to the front.

    "Don't come near me! Don't come near me!" The man with the scar shrieked in fear at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    What was going on?

    She wouldn't be able to defeat all of them. Shouldn't she be the one fleeing instead?

    Logically speaking, shouldn't they be trying to capture her instead?

    Lin Yan couldn't understand why these people looked as though they had just seen a ghost when they saw her.

    Rage, humiliation, panic, fear...

    Their expressions seemed overwhelmed by a plethora of emotions.

    Lin Yan decided to step forward to check their reaction.

    The moment Lin Yan took a step forward, they took a few steps backward.

    "What are you doing? What do you want?" A young girl shrieked shrilly at Lin Yan.

    "What do you guys want?" Lin Yan watched them warily as she questioned them.

    She had no idea who these people were, yet they had attacked and trapped her, almost killing her in the process.

    Although Lin Yan couldn't remember what had happened afterward, she deduced that she had completely lost control and hence escaped from the electric net.

    It hadn't occurred to her that they would pursue her once more.

    Was she really that valuable?

    Everyone looked as though they had just swallowed a disgusting housefly.

    She had almost killed some of them on the beach and injured the rest...

    Now, she had blocked their path on this deserted road. This crazy monster was obviously trying to kill them. How could she still question them instead?

    What did they want? All they wanted was to sprout a few more legs so they could run faster!

    "Don't come near us! If you come... we won't... show mercy!"

    One of them threatened her as beads of perspiration rolled down his forehead.


    Lin Yan scoffed aloud when she heard the man.

    Had they shown her mercy?

    However, Lin Yan couldn't make heads or tails of this situation. Earlier, they had been ruthless and vicious and charged over at her brutally. However, right now, they looked as though she was the God of Death.

    Had she really lost control of herself completely?

    "It's a misunderstanding... Stand there. Don't move... Keep a distance from us. I want to explain this to you. This is just a misunderstanding..." the captain blurted out as he gazed at Lin Yan.

    "Oh?" Lin Yan eyed the man and sneered. "Explain to me what this misunderstanding is about."
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