250 We Will Apologize to You!

    Although Lin Yan had no idea what had happened earlier, she hazarded a guess that they were extremely fearful of her.

    She had some doubts about herself too. Every time she had lost control in the past, she had still had some snippets of recollections. However, this time, she couldn't remember anything. Based on experience and logic, loss of control shouldn't be the reason behind this.

    However... If that wasn't the reason, why would they, including their captain, be so fearful of her? They outnumbered her as well.

    "Actually... We had the wrong person. We weren't looking for you... We want to apologize to you. Is that okay with you?" The captain eyed Lin Yan as he forced these humiliating words out. He managed a forced smile despite the grudge he was holding.

    "So it was a misunderstanding?"

    Lin Yan's frown deepened.

    Did he think she was a fool?

    Although she couldn't remember what had happened later, she hadn't forgotten what had happened earlier.

    He had used a device to determine her grade A status and they had tried to abduct her for money.

    However, she could seize this opportunity to question them.

    The captain was about to speak when Lin Yan cut across irritably. "Cut the nonsense. Where is my brother?"


    Everyone present was dumbfounded by her question.

    Where was her brother?

    Who was her brother exactly?

    Who would know this terrifying monster's brother?

    Forget about her brother. They didn't even want to know who she was!

    "Miss, we really don't know your brother. We don't even know who you are." The captain stared at Lin Yan as he answered hurriedly.

    They had already had a taste of her prowess and ability. All they wanted was to leave her alive.

    "You don't know me?" Lin Yan scanned all of them and scoffed. "Do you think I am a fool?"

    "No, no, no! This is a misunderstanding! If we knew your brother or the person who captured your brother, let us be struck by lightning!" the man with the scar replied hastily.

    "You captured my brother?" Lin Yan's face darkened instantly.

    The scar-faced man was speechless...

    The captain was speechless too...

    This monster had just twisted their words!

    They hadn't captured her brother!

    "Who are you guys? Why did you attack me?" Lin Yan pressed on with determination.


    The scar-faced man was about to answer, but his expression froze. He seemed to have realized something and clammed up.


    The captain gritted his teeth as he yelled out.

    All of them turned on their heels and fled for their lives.

    Instinctively, Lin Yan wanted to chase after them.

    Just as she was about to sprint, she realized something.

    They outnumbered her and they had the electric net. How could she defeat them?

    Besides, she had no idea who these people were. Making rash decisions like this would bring about dire consequences.

    As the saying goes, a cornered dog will jump over the wall.

    Lin Yan could only watch as they fled for their lives.


    After some rest, Lin Yan's mind seemed to clear up a bit. She wanted to take her phone out of her pocket.

    However, when she put her hand in her pocket, she found a cigarette. Once again, she fell into deep thought.
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