251 Really Quite Good

    Lin Yan gazed absent-mindedly at the cigarette in her hand, looking mystified.

    She had indeed taken this cigarette out of her pocket. She didn't smoke, though. Why would it be there?

    Lin Yan didn't mull over this. Instead, she turned around to leave.

    She got back to the house after midnight.

    Only her cousin, He Lefeng, was in the living room.

    "Sister Yan, where have you been? It's really late." He Lefeng glanced at Lin Yan as he talked to her.

    "I went to the beach." Lin Yan smiled at him.

    She did not wish to tell anyone about the incident that had occurred that night. There was no need to either.

    Tomorrow, the elimination competition would take place. As He Lefeng's navigator, she had decided to stay over.

    "Xiaofeng, why aren't you asleep yet?" Lin Yan gazed at He Lefeng.

    "Sister Yan, I'm a little nervous," He Lefeng answered as he sighed softly.

    He had no confidence in himself about participating in the competition tomorrow.

    "Don't worry. Just relax." Lin Yan gave him a reassuring smile.

    He Lefeng sighed and shook his head in despair. "Sister Yan, you might not be familiar with the racing arena. It's impossible for our car team to win tomorrow's competition!"

    Years ago, the He family car team had still employed some good, experienced racers and navigators. Thus, they had been able to win some races.

    However, all these racers and navigators had left to join other teams as the quality of their family's car team had begun to decline.

    Their team was currently at the last place. It couldn't even withstand a single blow.

    "Xiaofeng, it's hard to determine the results considering that the race hasn't started." Lin Yan smiled at He Lefeng.

    "Sister Yan, I'm too lousy and incapable. I don't have the right mindset either. I am afraid that I will drag Brother Mingkai and the car team down with me... If we were to disband..." A crease appeared between He Lefeng's eyebrows.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She could understand He Lefeng's concern.

    The car team's survival really hinged on the result of the competition tomorrow. If they lost, they would most likely have to disband.

    "Oh yeah, Sister Yan. I've been watching the international competitions lately." Suddenly, He Lefeng turned his attention to the television.

    The channel that was on was playing snippets of the previous international competitions. Racing cars whizzed by on the screen.

    "That's the second level of the international competition," Lin Yan unconsciously blurted out.

    He Lefeng was slightly startled. "Sister Yan, are you familiar with the international competitions?"

    Lin Yan nodded and replied, "Hmmm... Yeah... A little."

    "This race propelled the incredible Lang Mang to fame." He Lefeng grinned brightly. "Sister Yan, look at the bright red car... It's so awesome... Lang Mang is the apprentice of Yeva, the Race Track's Grim Reaper."

    "He is really quite good," quipped Lin Yan.

    "I even heard that a movie will be based on the second level of the international competition. The main lead will be God Lang Mang!"

    "Huh?" Lin Yan was startled. "Lang Mang is going to act?"

    "No, he won't be acting. The male lead will be based on him. Now, all that's left is to cast the actress who will play Yeva. I think that, to hype things up, there will be a race between Yeva and Lang Mang. That will definitely be the highlight of the movie. It's a pity they still haven't found a suitable actress to play Yeva," He Lefeng replied.
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