253 Striking Resemblance

    He Lefeng, who was standing on the couch, was moving his head from the screen to Lin Yan. He studied the Race Track's Grim Reaper, who had just gotten out of her Silver Starry Sky.

    As he repeated this action over and over again, bewilderment was etched on his face.

    "This is weird... Something feels amiss..." He Lefeng gazed at Lin Yan as he mumbled to himself.

    "What's wrong?" Lin Yan eyed He Lefeng in confusion when he called out to her.

    "Sister Yan, I just realized that Yeva really looks like you! Look at your figure and hers... She seems slightly taller than you, but the resemblance is striking!" declared He Lefeng after some time.

    Lin Yan muttered, "Taller... than me?"

    Wasn't that due to the helmet?

    If Yeva were to remove her helmet, He Lefeng would discover that even their pores and hair looked identical!

    "Wash up and go to sleep." Lin Yan sighed and departed.

    "Hey, Sister Yan! You resemble her!"

    He Lefeng's voice rang out.


    Lin Yan collapsed on the bed in the guest room, feeling overwhelmed and conflicted.

    Too much had happened in the last few years.

    Lin Yan felt that her experiences and the bizarre incidents that had happened to her were enough to be turned into a book.

    Especially tonight, when she had met the stuttering man and the captors. Who exactly were they? Did they have any connection to the laboratory? Lin Yan was completely lost.

    Actually, what bothered Lin Yan the most was that the captain had declared that he wanted to sell her for money.

    If they were ordinary people, this would be nothing surprising. They would definitely be one of those damned human traffickers.

    However, they were evidently not. They had a special gadget that could detect her grade...

    "Could they be bounty hunters?" Lin Yan furrowed her eyebrows as she lay on her bed.

    She tossed and turned for some time before she gave in to her urge.

    She dialed a number and retold this entire series of events.

    "You're absolutely spot-on," a voice answered, "Actually, there are countless such organizations that capture people with enhanced abilities. Those captors themselves possess enhanced abilities as well. These organizations are highly secretive and mysterious and their operating system is complex. Stay away from them in the future."

    "Could my brother have anything to do with them?" asked Lin Yan anxiously.

    "Logically speaking, he couldn't."


    When she hung up, she recalled everything that had happened that night.

    After she had been trapped by the net, she had seen images of her loved ones... Then, she had heard indistinctly someone wailing and calling out to her... Someone who had called her Mommy...

    There was even a flashback of her being hugged by Pei Yucheng...

    Lin Yan shuddered and stopped herself. There had to be something wrong with her brain!

    The next morning, Lin Yan woke up early.

    Her mother had prepared breakfast personally.

    "Xiaoyan, go wash up first." He Muyun removed her apron as she spoke to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan nodded and went to the bathroom. Then, she came back to the dining table.

    Her grandfather, He Dingkun, He Mingkai, He Xiong, and everyone else slowly entered the room.

    He Mingkai threw her a disdainful look. "If you do anything wrong today, we will never allow you to come close to this family ever again."

    He Xiong walked over to her and hissed, "ZH1 and the boss of Storm, Pei Yutang, will be there to watch Mingkai today. Don't you dare embarrass him!"
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