254 Not Interested

    "Big Brother, Xiaoyan doesn't really understand much about racing. She just wants to help. How could you be so harsh with her?" He Muyun furrowed her eyebrows at He Xiong.

    "Hmph! Then she should just stay quietly at home. Why did she offer to help? Let me tell you something. The top team in the country and a potential investor will be there later. If something happens because of her, I will make sure both of you pay for it dearly! Would ZH1 and Pei Yutang come to such a minor competition if it wasn't for Mingkai?"

    Upon seeing that He Muyun had fallen silent, He Xiong sneered coldly. "Mingkai has brought hope and glory to the team and this family. All of you must listen to him on the track!"

    "Dad, why are you wasting so much effort on them? What do they know?" He Mingkai threw a condescending look at He Muyun and Lin Yan.

    "Alright! Why are you all arguing again?" The old master chided them sternly.

    "Dad, I'm just stating facts. If it wasn't for Mingkai, who would be able to invite the boss of Storm or the ZH1 team? There is no way they would watch the competition otherwise," He Xiong replied quietly.

    The old master remained quiet as his gaze trailed to He Mingkai.

    He Dingkun declared a moment later, "Xiaokai, you've worked hard this time... Make sure you perform well later. Even if we lose the competition, as long as your performance is good, you might have a chance to enter a top team like ZH1."

    "Grandfather, rest assured! As long as someone doesn't hold me back, I will do my best even if we lose!" He Mingkai nodded promptly when he heard He Dingkun.

    Lin Yan studied He Mingkai and He Xiong in silence. This pair of father and son were really blind.

    However, Lin Yan couldn't be bothered to retort. She only had one thing on her mind: keeping her grandfather's team alive. She had no interest in anything else.


    After breakfast, Lin Yan and the rest of the family went to the racing venue.

    This venue was different from the venue of the previous competition with Speed.

    The competition she'd had with Speed had taken place at a confined, cordoned-off space.

    Racers had to race in specially-built racetracks with designated tracks and predetermined routes.

    Non-racing venues were located in the countryside, where the road conditions were much more complex. Hence, there was a need for navigators.

    The location this time was outside the capital city, in a suburban district. The space was vast and consisted of many mountain roads.

    "Level B race track..."

    He Lefeng looked uneasy as he surveyed his surroundings.

    He usually raced on Level C tracks...

    Although He Lefeng had tried racing on Level B tracks before, it wasn't ideal. Furthermore, his navigator wasn't very experienced, which would lead to unexpected situations.

    "Listen properly."

    He Xiong and He Mingkai walked over pompously. "When the competition starts later, your task is to block the rest of the cars so that Mingkai can move ahead. Understand?"

    Lin Yan was about to answer, when He Lefeng nodded profusely. "I know... Sister Yan and I will do our best to ensure Brother Mingkai's victory."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "She is just a figurehead. You do your thing and don't listen to her. She doesn't know anything." He Xiong glanced at Lin Yan.
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