255 Silver-Colored Racing Uniform

    He Lefeng glanced at He Xiong and answered softly, "Uncle, we will do our best."

    After He Xiong left, Lin Yan sat down with He Lefeng and they watched the team do their pre-race check.

    "Indeed, there isn't any good equipment," Lin Yan concluded after several minutes.

    He Lefeng looked awkward. "Sister Yan, it's not that bad. Even though we can't compare to the major teams, we do have the basic equipment."

    Lin Yan was exasperated when she heard that.

    If they didn't even have the basic equipment, would they still be able to race at all?

    "Sister Yan, all equipment aside, a racer's judgment and technique are also crucial," added He Lefeng.

    Lin Yan smiled weakly when she heard him. Other than the additional equipment, the car itself was vital. As long as it met the standards of an average racing car, it would be acceptable. Besides, the technique and skills of the racer would make up for the difference with a normal racing car.

    "Xiaoyan, Xiaofeng, come here!"

    He Dingkun beckoned both of them over.

    Lin Yan and He Lefeng nodded and stood up together before making their way to the track.

    "Xiaofeng, this is your uniform."

    The old master passed a silver-colored uniform to He Lefeng.

    "Heat-resistant shoes, mask, gloves, and helmet. Check them and pass a set to Xiaoyan," He Dingkun instructed him.

    "Grandfather, I got it." He Lefeng crouched to inspect the equipment.

    He Lefeng put the uniform on after checking it. Then, he glanced at Lin Yan. "Sister Yan, my previous navigator was a guy, so you can't wear his uniform. Grandfather has made a special set for you. I'll go get it for you later."

    "Sure." Lin Yan nodded.

    When her eyes landed on He Lefeng's uniform, the expression in her eyes carried traces of puzzlement.

    "Xiaofeng... Our uniform... Why does it look familiar?" Lin Yan asked uncertainly.

    The He family uniform's style and color were almost identical to the one she had worn in the past. Other than the symbol, it was almost impossible to distinguish them at first glimpse.

    He Lefeng chuckled when he heard Lin Yan. "Sister Yan, of course it looks familiar. You saw it yesterday."

    "Yesterday?" Lin Yan was confused.

    "Yeah!" He Lefeng nodded and explained, "Yesterday, when we watched the competition together... The Race Track's Grim Reaper wore this uniform too..."

    She was right...

    "Sister Yan, you have no idea. Our uniform is very popular amongst all the teams in the country. Many teams like to use silver as well," remarked He Lefeng with a grin.

    Lin Yan was really not familiar with the national teams.

    "The Race Track's Grim Reaper Yeva was the defending champion of the first level of the international competition for a few years. Hence, her uniform became a trend. Even her apprentices, Lang Mang and Death Knight, also wore silver uniforms!" He Lefeng reeled off enthusiastically.

    "Enough of your blabbering."

    He Mingkai and He Xiong marched over to them.

    "She is just here to make up the numbers. Do you have to tell her so much? Stop wasting your time. Go and check your car!" He Xiong lectured him sternly.
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