256 What a Lousy Car

    When He Lefeng heard He Xiong, he slapped his forehead. He had been so engrossed in his conversation with Sister Yan that he had forgotten to check his car.

    "Sister Yan, this silver car is mine," He Lefeng said with a wide grin.

    'Why does this car resemble my car so much as well?' thought Lin Yan to herself.

    "Xiaofeng, don't you have a professional that can check on the condition of your car?" asked Lin Yan. She hadn't met any racers who inspected their own cars before a race. Even if they did, it would just be a simple routine check after the professional's thorough inspection.

    "We used to have one, but we ran into some funding problems. Therefore, Grandfather decided to save money. Usually, there isn't a problem. Even though we might not be professionals, we are still able to detect if there are any problems," quipped He Lefeng.

    Lin Yan nodded and agreed. The He family hadn't been in such a good state indeed.

    "Sister Yan, this car is familiar, isn't it? Actually, Grandfather is a huge, ardent fan of God Lang Mang and Death Knight. He especially admires and worships the Race Track's Grim Reaper. That's why our cars and uniforms are all similar to the Race Track's Grim Reaper's colors," He Lefeng explained happily.

    "Really...." Lin Yan stroked her chin and wondered to herself, 'Do I have such a huge influence?'

    Even her grandfather was her loyal fan?

    It had never occurred to Lin Yan that kids like Lang Mang and Death Knight would have such a huge influence as well. Especially Lang Mang, who would even have a movie made based on him.

    "Sister Yan, look at my car. What do you think?" He Lefeng mopped his face and grinned sheepishly at Lin Yan.

    Instinctively, Lin Yan spun her head towards He Lefeng's car.

    "Do you want the truth?" asked Lin Yan curtly.

    "Errr..." He Lefeng was stumped momentarily, as he hadn't imagined that Lin Yan would ask him that. "How about a lie first?"

    "A lie?" Lin Yan chuckled softly and walked around the car. "Your car is the best in the team. Especially this engine. It's almost perfect."

    He Lefeng was speechless...

    "How about the truth now?" quipped He Lefeng.

    "It's a lousy car," remarked Lin Yan dully.

    "Sister Yan, it's still acceptable, isn't it?" He Lefeng sounded rather indignant.

    "He Mingkai's car is the best in the team. The other two are slightly inferior compared to his, but yours is the worst," concluded Lin Yan.

    "Brother Mingkai is the best and most talented among us, so that is understandable." He Lefeng smiled at her.

    "Oh yeah, Sister Yan. Would you consider joining us? I can see that you're quite interested in racing... If you really want to, you could be my apprentice. I could teach you the basic techniques," expounded He Lefeng.

    Lin Yan sighed heavily and replied, "I could consider it."

    "It's a pity that Brother Mingkai is so biased against you. Otherwise, ideally he should be the one to coach you!" said He Lefeng.

    Lin Yan was speechless as she thought to herself, 'No, thank you!'

    "Sister Yan, here's your equipment." He Lefeng opened the car door and passed her the uniform.

    Lin Yan accepted the silver-colored uniform and thanked him.

    Before Lin Yan could put it on, their grandfather called both of them over once more.
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