257 Why Would She Be Interested In Such A Competition?

    "Grandfather, what's wrong?" He Lefeng approached the old master and asked him respectfully.

    "Xiaofeng, help Mingkai inspect his car," He Dingkun instructed him.

    The old master had pinned all his hopes on He Mingkai, so nothing could go wrong.

    "Okay." He Lefeng agreed readily and strode over to He Mingkai's car to begin his inspection.

    Lin Yan stood a short distance away, looking bored. Her eyes trailed to He Mingkai's car.

    "Xiaofeng, there is no problem with my car, right?" He Mingkai removed his gloves and brushed his hands.

    "It's fine. No problem at all." He Lefeng nodded in response.

    "Don't worry, Mingkai. I have inspected it as well. Everything is fine." A young man with short, cropped hair smiled at him.

    "Alright, as long as it's fine," He Dingkun replied softly.

    Lin Yan, who had been quiet all this while, turned to He Dingkun and quipped, "Grandfather, the pressure on his back tires is too high. They will burst easily."


    Everyone, including He Lefeng, was startled by Lin Yan's words.

    The pressure on his back tires was too high? They would burst easily?

    How could she tell?

    "What kind of nonsense is that?" the young man snapped.

    "Lefeng, who is this woman? What nonsense is she rambling about?" he asked, turning to He Lefeng.

    "Brother Li... She is my cousin, Lin Yan... She will be my navigator today," He Lefeng replied softly.

    Then, he turned to Lin Yan. "Sister Yan, this is Brother Li Rong, Brother Mingkai's navigator."

    "Oh. Anyway, the pressure is too high. If you don't believe me, forget it." Lin Yan shrugged nonchalantly.

    Li Rong's face darkened as he opened the car door.

    He peered at the dashboard and read the pressure readings.

    Li Rong glanced at it and replied, "The readings are normal."

    Lin Yan retorted, "That means it's not working."

    "Keep your mouth shut!" He Xiong suddenly hollered at Lin Yan. "You don't know sh*t! Stop that nonsense!"

    "Hold on. She is He Lefeng's navigator?" Li Rong frowned. "How can she be a navigator if she doesn't know anything? She is going to cause him trouble."

    "Don't mind her. Lefeng's previous navigator ran off. She is only here as a substitute today." He Lefeng looked irritated.

    Li Rong shot a glance at Lin Yan briefly and shook his head.

    "I'm just reminding you. Whether you believe me or not is up to you," Lin Yan replied casually. She had spoken out for the sake of her grandfather's team.

    Lin Yan yawned and turned around towards He Lefeng's car. She got in and began to change into her uniform immediately.


    He Xiong's phone rang and someone informed him that the ZH1 members and Storm's boss, Pei Yutang, had arrived.

    "Got it. Lead them to the VIP room to rest. Mingkai and I will be there immediately!"

    He Xiong turned off the car and walked out of the room with the old master and He Mingkai.

    Meanwhile, in the VIP room...

    God Z glanced at Pei Yutang and asked uncertainly, "Will Miss Lin... really participate in this race?"

    When God Z had received Pei Yutang's call, he had been surprised. Why would she be interested in taking part in such a race?

    "Certainly!" Pei Yutang hastily replied, "The old master of the team is her grandfather and He Mingkai is her cousin."
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