258 A Presence Like a System Bug

    "He is Miss Lin Yan's cousin?"

    ZH1's member Mumu nodded and replied, "So Miss Lin comes from a family who has a history in racing... No wonder she is so good. Her cousin should be good as well."

    Pei Yutang replied, "I'm not sure about that. Anyway, their family team ranks at the bottom. If they were really so good, why would they achieve such results? Hence, I don't think so. Otherwise, Sister Yan wouldn't need to help them today."

    Pei Yutang had just finished talking when He Xiong, He Mingkai, and the others strolled in.


    The old master, He Dingkun, greeted the ZH1 members and Pei Yutang.

    He had never imagined that He Mingkai would be so capable and resourceful as to invite these esteemed guests.

    "Nice to meet you."

    God Z stepped forward and shook hands with the old master.

    "Please have a seat." He Dingkun smiled.

    Pei Yutang and the rest nodded in response and settled down.

    "You must be God Z! I've been looking forward to meeting you! ZH1 is so famous in the country. Mingkai often attends your competitions. The day has finally come for me to meet all of you in person!" He Xiong chimed in cheerfully.

    "Dad, I know God Z and Young Master Pei well!" quipped He Mingkai.

    He knew them well?

    Mumu, God Z, and the others were stunned.

    They had no idea who this man was.

    "He is Sister Yan's cousin, He Mingkai," Pei Yutang whispered to God Z.

    "Oh, I see..." God Z nodded gently.

    "All of you came personally to support Mingkai. It's such an honor to have you here. God Z, wait till you see Mingkai's performance later." He Xiong smiled brightly at God Z.

    "Oh... Sure. I will." God Z looked rather awkward.

    Mumu and the ZH1 members were all confused. Who said they had come for He Mingkai?

    They were here to watch Lin Yan though...

    Since He Mingkai was Lin Yan's cousin, it would be rude to correct him.

    "God Z, you must have watched Mingkai's races before. Do you think he is qualified to be a substitute racer in ZH1?" He Xiong steered the conversation swiftly.

    God Z was speechless...

    He really didn't think so.

    "Oh... He's okay. Quite okay." God Z forced an awkward smile.

    Suddenly, the TV screen lit up and showed an outdoor racing track. The footage was shot by a drone and the images were sent to the TV.

    God Z stared at a silver-colored car. A girl was standing next to it, clad in a silver uniform. She was Lin Yan.


    "Mingkai, it's almost time. Let's go to the track." He Xiong beckoned to He Mingkai.

    He Mingkai nodded in response.

    "Please rest and watch the competition in this room. Mingkai will go prepare first." He Dingkun smiled widely.

    "Alright, please go ahead." Mumu nodded politely.

    When they left, Mumu frowned. "Something is wrong. Isn't Miss Lin racing today?"

    "Could she be a navigator?" God Z seemed surprised too.

    "It can't be. What's going on?" Pei Yutang was startled too, as he hadn't expected this.

    "F*ck... That boy is He Lefeng. He is the worst racer in their family. How could Sister Yan be his navigator?" Pei Yutang grumbled aloud.

    The ZH1 team and Pei Yutang had fallen silent. Was the He family team that dumb?

    They had gotten Lin Yan to join this competition, and her presence was literally like a system bug. However, they had asked her to be the navigator and buried her skills and techniques?

    No matter how good Lin Yan was, how could she unleash her skills and win this competition?
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