259 She Could Win With Her Eyes Closed

    In the VIP room...

    He Xiong led He Mingkai to the racing track before he traipsed back.

    God Z pointed to Lin Yan, who was on the screen, as he asked the old master and He Xiong, "May I ask if she is He Lefeng's navigator?"

    He Dingkun nodded firmly. "Yes, she is."

    God Z and all the ZH1 members were stunned and dumbfounded. What kind of strategy were they deploying? They were completely clueless...

    They had read up a little on the elimination competition today. If the He family team were to lose, they would most likely have to disband.

    Their rivals today were the Lightning team and Old Tang.

    Amongst these teams, Old Tang's car team was the strongest. Not only had the He family team lost to them before, but it had actually never scored a victory against them.

    If they got Lin Yan to race, there would be no doubt about the winner. Lin Yan could win the race with her eyes closed.

    However, they had chosen to make Lin Yan the navigator instead...

    What were they thinking? Were they in a rush... to get disbanded?

    A navigator and a racer were two different roles. No matter how good Lin Yan was, how could she help her family's car team win?

    "Actually..." God Z glanced at He Dingkun and He Xiong hesitantly as he decided what to say.

    "God Z, what is on your mind?" He Dingkun asked curiously.

    "Hmmm... I think that a navigator and a racer have a set of vastly different requirements. A navigator needs to be professional and experienced. I think she isn't... very suitable to be a navigator..." God Z advised.

    He Xiong interjected quickly, "Oh, God Z... you have no idea. We had no choice. He Lefeng's navigator left a few days ago and we couldn't get anyone at such short notice. Thus, we had to find a random substitute."

    "Huh?" Pei Yutang was dumbstruck. They had to find a random substitute?

    "F*ck... Awesome. I'm in awe! I'm really impressed!" Pei Yutang gave He Xiong a thumbs-up.

    They had found a random substitute... So they had gotten Lin Yan, who had defeated the Speed team?

    The He family team was this impressive?

    If the He family team possessed racers like the Race Track's Grim Reaper, then he had nothing to say. However, they were currently about to be eliminated, yet they had made Lin Yan their navigator...

    What else could he possibly say?

    "Oh... You must have been mistaken about what our captain said..." Mumu cut across awkwardly.

    God Z was trying to say that Lin Yan was too good and overly-qualified to be a navigator. She could win any race easily. A navigator should be a professional. How could they allow a racer who was born to dominate the racing arena be a navigator instead? Didn't it seem as though the He family team was looking forward to being dissolved?

    "I understand what God Z meant, but don't worry." He Xiong beamed from ear to ear. "My son, He Mingkai, is the main star of this competition. He Lefeng and his navigator are just there to help my son. There won't be a problem."

    God Z was speechless...

    The entire ZH1 team was speechless too...

    Pei Yutang had been left speechless once more...
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