260 Werent They Looking For Trouble?

    The ZH1 members all gazed at He Xiong.

    Mumu tried to utter a word but failed. He had nothing to comment regarding their 'unique and extravagant' strategy.

    "Captain, is there something wrong with their brains?"

    A ZH1 member seized this opportunity to ask God Z what was wrong when He Xiong and the rest left the room.

    God Z looked baffled too.

    They had indeed taken a huge risk by making Lin Yan their navigator.

    Any of the ZH1 racers could easily win this competition. However, if they were to become a navigator instead, they wouldn't have a chance to display their skills and talent. How could a racer bring victory to their team without touching the steering wheel?

    "Captain, are we really going to race with Miss Lin Yan after the competition?" Mumu asked.

    Wouldn't they be looking for trouble in that case?

    God Z chuckled softly. "I do hope so. I already decided before we came here."

    "Captain, I reckon that... we are seeking trouble. Even Speed was no match for her," a ZH1 member quipped.

    Although they hadn't worn their uniforms, it didn't matter if they lost. After all, they didn't represent ZH1. However, they knew that they weren't her match, yet they had purposely tried to race with her.

    "Not necessarily." God Z begged to differ. "We have witnessed how brilliant Miss Lin Yan was in a racing venue. However, we are good at outdoor racing tracks. Besides, even if she beats us, it won't be embarrassing."

    Pei Yutang's eyes sparkled as he leaped to his feet. "Yeah, you're right! Bring me too! I want to race!"


    At the outdoor racing track, Old Tang and the other team were ready.

    "Old Master, you're early." Old Tang was holding a briefcase in his hand as he strolled over to He Dingkun with a grin.

    The corners of He Dingkun's mouth twitched when he saw Old Tang.

    "Old Master, I originally wanted to buy your team. That way, you would be able to get some of your money back for your household expenses. You're already so old after all. Before you die, you should use that money to enjoy the remaining days of your life... Your team is bound to disband and lose anyway. How unfortunate it would be if you were to die of anger!" Old Tang mocked him relentlessly.

    "Get lost!"

    He Dingkun was shaking violently.

    "Old Master, don't get so agitated. I'm just concerned about you. You should be more refined and dignified at your age. How could you be so crude?" Old Tang sighed dramatically.

    Before the old master could reply, his eyes trailed to Lin Yan.

    "Hold on, who is she?" Old Tang sized up Lin Yan as he spoke.

    "That is none of your business!" He Dingkun bellowed at him.

    "Old Master, of course it concerns me. Your team is competing against mine. I have the right to know. Besides, I heard that He Lefeng's navigator left. How will he be able to race without a navigator?" Old Tang gave him a sly smirk.

    "Who says I don't have a navigator?" He Lefeng darted forward as he glared coldly at Old Tang. He then pointed at Lin Yan and cried out, "She is my navigator!"
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