261 Navigators License

    "She is your navigator?"

    Old Tang surveyed Lin Yan carefully after he heard He Lefeng.

    He Dingkun, on the other hand, became stiff. When his gaze landed on He Lefeng, he frowned.

    "Oh... A new navigator?" Old Tang pinched his chin and told Lin Yan, "Lass, show me your navigator's license."

    Old Master He Dingkun and He Lefeng looked uneasy when they heard Old Tang.

    Lin Yan was a substitute, so why would she have a navigator's license?

    These competitions had never required to check for a navigator's license before. However, having a navigator's license was a rule they had to follow to enter the competition.

    Earlier, He Dingkun had sent Lin Yan's details to the competition's organizer. If Old Tang were to really conduct a check on Lin Yan's navigator's license, their team might be kicked out...

    "You're not the organizer. What right do you have to demand to see my navigator's license?" He Lefeng blurted aloud.

    Old Tang nodded and scoffed. "Xiaofeng, you're smart. Let me ask the organizer to check instead. Thank you for reminding me."

    He whipped out his phone promptly to call the organizer.

    He Lefeng's face darkened and he wished he could slap himself. If he hadn't been so rash, perhaps things wouldn't have escalated...

    Lin Yan had been left a little speechless. This competition was like child's play, yet they required the navigator to have a license... Were they really that strict?

    "Don't go overboard!" He Dingkun lashed out angrily.

    "Overboard?" Old Tang turned to He Dingkun and smiled. "Old Master, you must be getting old and muddle-headed. If you don't comply with the rules or you attempt to cheat by getting a random person to act as a substitute... what if an accident happens? I'm thinking on your behalf."

    He then pressed on. "Old Master, don't be so agitated. Did I guess correctly? She doesn't have a navigator's license, does she?"

    He Dingkun trembled as his eyes flashed scarlet at his words.

    "Old Master, you're in trouble. If she doesn't have a navigator's license, you are defying the rules of the competition. You need to be banned! However, perhaps, things are not so serious..." Old Tang chuckled aloud.

    He Lefeng was anxious and jittery. Why was this guy as cunning as a wily old fox?

    "Where is the person in charge of the He family team?"

    The organizers arrived shortly.

    "Hi..." He Dingkun smiled at them.

    "We received a report that you have a navigator without a license. Where is that person?" One of them spoke up.

    "Here." Lin Yan waved at them.

    "Hi, please show us your navigator's license. If you don't have one, you won't be able to participate," replied the organizer sternly.

    "Oh..." Lin Yan tilted her head as she contemplated. "What if... I said that I forgot to bring it? Would you believe me?"
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