262 I Have an International Navigators License

    Lin Yan regretted saying that almost immediately. She wouldn't even believe it herself, so how could anyone else?

    "Old Master, should we get your navigator to go back to retrieve it?" Old Tang smirked slyly at He Dingkun.

    He Dingkun brooded in silence as his face fell.

    "Miss, do you have your navigator's license?" repeated the organizer.

    "Oh... Do I... or do I not?" Lin Yan's eyes darted to He Lefeng as she canvassed him for an answer.

    "Sister Yan, you have it..." He Lefeng's mind was blank right now, and Lin Yan's stare made his scalp go numb.

    "Oh, yeah, I do," Lin Yan replied with a straight face.

    The organizer nodded. "Please show me."

    Lin Yan replied curtly, "I didn't bring it."

    The organizer was speechless...

    He Lefeng was speechless as well...

    "Are you certain that you have a navigator's license?" asked the organizer sternly.

    Lin Yan was speechless. Could anyone tell her how she should respond?

    "Alright, since you are certain, follow us to the office. We can check it online," the organizer replied.

    She never said that she was certain...

    However, she had no choice but to follow them to the office.


    In the meantime, at the office...

    A young man in uniform was sitting in front of a computer.

    Lin Yan sat down across from him.

    "Name?" he asked.

    "Lin Yan," she replied with a sigh.

    "Hold on." The man nodded as he typed.

    His eyes landed on Lin Yan a moment later. With a frown, he said, "Miss, you don't have a navigator's license!"

    The organizers who had come with her were all startled.

    She didn't have a navigator's license. That meant that the He family team had defied the rules!

    "The He family team will be eliminated. Report this case and make an official record," one of them quipped.

    Lin Yan hurriedly interjected. "Don't, don't! Please don't!"

    "Miss, you don't have a license, so you're not allowed to join any competition!"

    "I don't have one in this country... but I have an overseas one!" replied Lin Yan desperately.

    "An overseas one?" the man replied, "Miss, only the international navigator's license can be used in every country. Therefore, even if you possess another country's license, it's not valid here!"

    Lin Yan nodded in comprehension. "I understand. My license is an international navigator's license."

    The man sitting at the desk before her almost spat out his tea.

    She had an international navigator's license?

    Was this girl nuts?

    If she had an international navigator's license, why would she join a competition like this?

    Lin Yan felt helpless as she noticed that they had turned cold and glum. Initially, she had owned a navigator's license in this country. However, there had been no need for it, so she had canceled it. Later on, she had been issued an international navigator's license. Hence, there had been no need for another one.

    Besides, she was a racer, not a navigator.

    "I really have one. You can check," answered Lin Yan dully.


    One of them spoke impatiently and instructed the man, "Check! Let's see what she is up to!"
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