263 License Holders Name: Yeva, Chinese Name: Lin Yan

    Lin Yan nodded and replied, "Yeah, please check. I think it hasn't expired..."

    "I got it." The man clicked on the international competition website before he told Lin Yan, "Face the camera lens."

    After the face recognition procedure, the man replied, "I didn't manage to find this woman's navigator's license on the international competition website."

    The organizers glanced at each other before they turned to Lin Yan.

    "It can't be..." Lin Yan was surprised. "It shouldn't have expired this soon..."

    "Miss, is there anything else you have to say?" The man cut across irritably.

    "Yeah, yeah! There is..." Lin Yan frowned and asked, "Which level of the international competition did you check?"

    "The third level," replied the man.

    No wonder he didn't get any results. She had never participated in the third level.

    "Maybe... You can try the second or first level..." Lin Yan smiled brightly at him.

    The organizers were speechless...

    "The second level of the international competition?"

    Everyone present chuckled when they heard Lin Yan. Was this woman nuts?

    "Do you have a navigator's license or not?" the man shouted angrily.

    "Don't be angry, I really do. Keep checking," replied Lin Yan.

    "The second level? Do you even know what the second level is?" The organizer scoffed coldly. "You're trying to stall for time. Let me tell you, it's no use. If you have violated the rules, you will be disciplined."

    Lin Yan replied nonchalantly, "Oh... Just check."

    "Okay, continue to check!" instructed the organizer.

    Lin Yan faced the camera once more.


    "There isn't any record of this woman's navigator's license on the second level," concluded the man.

    "Then check the first level. It's definitely there." Lin Yan smiled awkwardly.

    She had indeed owned a navigator's license when she had first participated in the second level. However, after she had moved to the first level, she hadn't really paid attention to the second level of the international competition anymore. Time had flown past, so she deduced that her license had most likely been scrapped.

    However, Lin Yan was certain that her first-level navigator's license would still be valid!

    "The first level of the international competition?"

    The organizer replied curtly, "Check!"

    "Miss, please look into the camera lens. If I can't find a record of your navigator's license on the first level, please cooperate and explain everything to us," replied one of them sternly.

    "Sure." Lin Yan nodded.

    She straightened her back once more and peered at the lens.

    Soon, the red light flashed once more.

    The man who was checking had fixed his gaze on the screen.

    After several seconds, he narrowed his eyes in shock.

    He removed his spectacles and rubbed his eyes. Then, he put them on once again and eyed the screen. Finally, he turned to Lin Yan.

    "No... How... could this..." He stared at Lin Yan as he trembled a little.

    He then retracted his gaze, his face still registering shock. He turned to the screen once more.

    The screen displayed the first level of the international competition. License Holder: Yeva. Chinese Name: Lin Yan.
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